Breast Cancer Awareness Month DIY Wedding Favor CD

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so in support we have a DIY Wedding Favor project that gives back to the cause.  Instead of purchasing wedding favors, show your guests that you truly care by putting together a wedding favor yourself and donating what you would have spent on wedding favors to your Breast Cancer Cause.

breast cancer DIY

A CD is very easy to make and it will be a very nice gesture to provide your guests with some of your favorite songs that will be played at the wedding in a CD to take home.  You can download, compile and burn it yourself on to blank CD’s, which are very inexpensive, or ask your DJ to do it for you.

Present your CD to your guests in an earth friendly handmade paper envelope that is easy to make using a simple regular paper size sheet of card stock.  Wrap it with a pink ribbon or a color that coordinates with your wedding colors, and add a personalized label with a message to your guests stating that you have made a donation.

Breast Cancer Awareness

It looks authentic and pretty.  Handmade favors are truly sweet and when it is accompanied with gesture to charity, it makes a even sweeter gift.

Do you want the labels that you see here? Custom Order them with us!


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