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Five Unique Invitation Ideas

We all want to make our special event as unique as possible, however now the trend is on to invitations and kicking of the vibe to the event right off from the start with invitations that keep the guests in anticipation.  One big trend has been video invitations for weddings.  Sending video invites are popular and can be done via the internet as well, which saves on postage. However, for those who have a crafty side to them, it’s a lot of fun to put together gift invitations.

Favor Invitations

We once did an Asian themed bridal shower where we sent invitations that were rolled inside Asian silk print lipstick cases. It was very feminine and exuded the Asian theme all in one. The lipstick case was mailed in a clear box for a presentation with a punch. Guest were using the lipstick case weeks before the event and were reminded of it daily if they carried it in their purse. The idea is to include a gift or party favor along with the invitations and make sure it goes with the theme.  For a beach party you might do a message in a bottle (We recommend using a plastic bottle if you are mailing it via USPS).


Care Package Invitations

We love the idea of care package invitations, where you put together items that draw from the elements of your party along with the invitation. For example a cocktail party invitation care package may include a martini glass, cocktail shaker and the invitation. If you are good in the kitchen you could include a bottle of homemade simple syrup or infused sugar for the martini glass rim. The cherry on top for this care package would be to have a cocktail recipe on the back of your invitation.

Balloon Invitations

Another idea that works for just about any kind of party is a balloon invitation, where you actually have to inflate the balloon to read the invite details. It’s very easy to get balloons custom printed.  You could deliver a helium balloon that pops out of the box with the invitation, but that requires a little more effort to put together.

These photos and projects instructions are from Style Me Pretty.

We love the idea for baby shower invitations with an “About To POP” theme.

If you decide to send a helium balloon in a box, here is a peek at what your guests will see when they open the box.

This makes a whimsical wedding invitation with flair from Blue Eye Brown Eye.

Paper Bag Invites with Treats

Invitations that are great for hand delivery are edible invites. Print your invite on a paper bag and fill the bag with peanuts, popcorn, or whatever may suit your personality and hand deliver it. This is a good idea for individual paper cookie bags that you would normally get with cookies at a bakery. Bakery supply stores sell baked goods bags in bulk that you could purchase and take to the printers. There are plenty of print shops that also offer this option.

Film Roll Invitations

One of our favorites is an invitation in a film roll canister. This is a DIY project that requires a little time, but the results are very cute and guests will read the invite rather than film.  Learn how to make these neat film strip invitations at