5 Party Favor Ideas For The Golden Globes

If you are having a viewing party for the Golden Globes, you want to make it as festive as possible. Really getting into the Hollywood glam theme with your party is the way to go and make sure to give out some parting gifts that fit the ambience of the entire party. Here are some top party favor ideas for your Golden Globes party.

All the Glitters Gold Glitter Favor Box


Since it is the Golden Globes, all that glitters and gold is a must. These glamorous favor boxes are perfect to send your guests home with a little treat like chocolate truffles or petit fours, which you may find a celebrity nibbling on at an after party.


All That Glitters Gold Glitter Frame


Gold glitter frames add glam to any fabulous party. Use them as place card holders for guests or to name dishes on the buffet. Whether for a Golden Globes celebration or a contemporary chic party, these All That Glitters God Glitter Frames will bring glam to any special occasion.


Popcorn Favors


What goes better with a viewing party than popcorn, just as you would have at the theater while watching that award winning film? Fill mason jars with gourmet flavored popcorn or send guests home with gourmet kernels that they can pop at home for themselves. Bag them or fill them in unique cone favor boxes for a fabulous presentation.


Personalized S’mores Kits


Personalized S’mores Kits with a touch of Hollywood will be a nice treat for you guests. The delicious treats are fun to munch on while you watch anything.


Personalized Candy Bars


Glamorously wrapped personalize candy bars are another great treat, just like candy bars at the movies. They will be elegant and guests get a sweet treat.