Fresh Wedding Gowns That Are So Pretty In Pink

As predicted, color is a big part of wedding gowns for 2014 and pink is the it color.

The hombre gown with soft pink shades is still holding strong.  We love this Theia Gown.

This soft pink gown by Oscar De La Renta is absolutely enchanting.

Another Theia gown that makes the bride appear to be dancing on a cloud.

Kim Kardashian’s Givenchy Wedding Dress

Since the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wedding is still all the buzz, this week for Wedding Gown Wednesday we are talking about Kim’s wedding dress.  She wore a Givenchy haute couture gown in white.  The lace gown with classy sleeves sported a unique bodice with a French flair.  What we love the most is this view from the back.

World Cup Party Ideas

The World Cup is going on in full gear and with that are a lot of viewing parties.  We love some of these soccer themed party schemes.

If you have birthday party to celebrate in the midst of the games, this is a fun World Cup themed Soccer Party.

This is one elaborate idea for team fans.

Love this elegant black and white soccer theme.

Five Do’s and Don’ts When Selecting a Wedding Photographer

by Pauls Wedding Photographer

There are quite a few things to take into consideration when selecting a wedding photographer.  Sometimes we don’t realize how small things can ruin your wedding memories. Here are five pieces of advice when selecting a wedding photographer.

1.  Select an experienced photographer, who has done plenty of weddings, but make sure that they have good availability.  A photographer that is too busy and is booked every day of the week may be too burned out and may also take forever to deliver your photos.

2.  When cutting corners, don’t let it be the photographer.  A good photographer is valuable because those photos are going to be a lifetime of memories.  It’s worth investing and splurging on the photography for your wedding. If your favorite photographer is offering a deal, do take it.

3.  Don’t just depend on the venues recommendations.  Do ask for at least three references and check them.  Also, Yelp and websites like Wedding Wire are good places to start when looking for reviews.  Check for Better Business Bureau complaints as well.

4.  It’s important to make sure that your photographer is someone you feel comfortable with and that your personalities don’t clash.  This person is going to be by your side throughout every moment of your wedding and you want to make sure that you like them and that you can communicate well with them.  The last thing you need is to feel upset about the photographers attitude on your wedding day.  They need to understand what you want and accommodate you during the wedding.

5.  Don’t cut back on the second shooter.  Realistically, no matter how great your photographer is, they can’t be at two places at the same time.  If you don’t want to miss out on a special moment, do make sure to secure a second shooter.

Soccer Themed Wedding for 2014 FIFA World Cup

Since the World Cup 2014 starts today, we thought to do a special feature of soccer themed weddings and celebrations.  This is a fun theme for soccer fans, particularly if the bride or groom plays on a team.  There has been a surge of a lot of ingenious soccer themed wedding favors and decorations due to popular demand.

The first popular soccer themed wedding item is the grooms cake or even the wedding cake.  Recently, there has been quite a few cake toppers with the soccer theme that would be great for wedding cakes and a grooms cake shaped like a soccer ball is always fun.

Soccer themed cake toppers.

Cute photo shoot idea with the soccer ball.

Soccer themed wedding favors are the best, like playful mini gumball candy dispensers.

Healthy snack for the soccer players.

Take it all the way with little details like the ring and cufflinks for true soccer or football enthusiasts.

Pink and Red Gowns and Dresses

Kate Middleton’s recent arrival in Scotland in a pink and red combo dress has created quite a stir and reaffirmed that pink and red is quite doable.  With this we have been inspired to feature a few pink and red gowns and dresses for bridal wear.

Fresh and cute bride’s maid frocks in pink and red.

Pink and red has always been well done in classic South Asian Bridal attire.

The Ombre Dress