Gitter and Gold Glam Wedding Ideas

Glamour was the theme for the Kim and Kanye wedding, so in stream with that we are featuring our glitter and gold wedding favors that spark up conversation at any event.  The favors are glamorous and fits perfectly into weddings, anniversaries or any gala.

Gold Glitter Favor Boxes fit beautifully into a nautical themed party to spark things up.

Gold Glitter Hand Fans are perfect for the menu and wedding program and looks great at a nautical event or a rustic wedding reception.

Add some gold glitter to a rustic table setting for rustic glam.

Another fabulous vintage combined with glitter and gold glam idea.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Wedding

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wed in Florence, Italy at the Forti di Belvedere on May 24th in the presence of close family and friends. 

It’s been reported that Kim’s stepfather, Bruce Jenner, walked her down the aisle while Andrea Bocelli sang “Con te Partiró. The wedding party included Kim’s sisters and Kanye’s friends from Chicago.   Kim, Kanye and baby North all wore outfits by Givenchy for the big day.

The much awaited nuptials were officiated by Rich Wilkerson Jr., a pastor from Miami, Florida while the couple stood in front of this wall of white flowers.

 The venue was decorated with installations by contemporary artist Vanessa Beecroft. The guests sat at a 224-foot engraved marble table and the menu included offerings of chicken, steak, salmon or tortellini.  The first song of the night was an Otis Redding and Etta James mash-up.  The couple cut into a seven tier wedding cake and reportedly danced to “All of Me” performed live by John Legend for their first dance.   


10 Steps to a Red White and Blue Berry Mojito

by Shaye

With Memorial Day quickly approaching we thought we would do a red white and blue feature.  Perhaps you received a nice basket of berries for Mother’s Day from Shari’s Berries that you would like to finish up.  We have a cocktail recipe that is so yummy that you’re going to have make a run for more berries because guests are going to keep coming back for more.  Not only great for Memorial Day weekend parties, this refreshing libation will be perfectly pretty to serve during cocktail hour at your wedding reception.  This fun cocktail gracefully carries the red, white, and blue theme — a Red White and Blue Berry Mojito in 10 simple steps.


3 to 4 Fresh strawberries, de-stemmed and cut into small peices

4 to 5 Blueberries

1 Lime, cut into quarters

3 Sprigs of mint

1 Tablespoon granulated sugar

2 oz. Rum

Splash of club soda



1.  Fill a glass with Strawberries

2.  Add Lime

3.  Add 1/2 the Blueberries

3.  Add the Mint Sprigs

4.  Add the Sugar

5.  Muddle

6.   Fill glass with Ice

7.  Add Rum

8.  Add a  splash of Club Soda

9.  Stir

10. Top off with a Fresh Strawberry and the rest of the Blueberries

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Sterling Silver Wedding Jewelry

by Jewelry Kind

Sterling silver jewelry has been trending recently when it comes to wedding jewelry.  One reason for sterling silver to be gaining popularity is that it is much less expensive compared to gold or platinum.  Younger couples may opt for sterling silver wedding bands in order to stay within budget.  Sterling silver is very versatile and it will take finishes that are bright white to oxidized black or high polish to soft satin, which look great in your wedding photos.  Sterling silver is also a good choice when couples decide to make a romantic gesture and make their own wedding bands.  It is easiest to work with and great for texturing or stamping.

When it comes to wedding jewelry, sterling silver jewelry is primarily popular because of style.  Many people don’t like wearing yellow gold and platinum is usually reserved for wedding bands only.  Another good reason to select sterling silver is that many people are allergic to gold, but not silver.  However, sterling silver jewelry is very popular for bride’s maid gifts and bridal party gifts.  It is more likely to be re-worn when gifted for years to come.  Sterling silver can also be quite accommodating to a wedding budget, particularly when there is need for a significant quantity of gifts. 

Classic sterling silver bracelets or earrings are a must have piece for any woman’s jewelry box and you can’t go wrong with a gift like that for your bride’s maids.  They will be able to wear it at the wedding and later for regular wear. 

Wedding Videographers and Photographers Are Important

by Ryan Hender from Ryan Hender Films

Modern weddings are now featuring such creative details and themes, it is a must to include a videographer as well as photographer in the wedding budget.  Couples are doing inventive dances down the aisle and beautifully choreographed first dances that would be completely missed if they didn’t hire a videographer.  A professional videographer will pick up all the little details of your wedding and give you memories in motion.  Professional videographers will also polish your final DVD to practically turn it into a motion picture that includes titles, captions, credits, and technical animations, making your wedding video engaging to watch for years to come.  An experienced photographer knows how to tell stories and capture important moments from any wedding circumstance.

This is not to say that photography should be neglected.  Photographers and videographers work together to make sure that each covers the vital aspects of your wedding that they each specialize in.  Your still photos are just as important and will catch beautiful emotions such as these shots of couples in location.


Photos from Ryan Hender Films

There are many companies that offer fabulous packages for both services.  Don’t miss out on the chance to get the full package and catch every detail of your wedding.  After all, at the end you will have only these pictures and videos to look back on.

Planning a Bridal Shower Menu

Bridal Showers are the preview to a wedding celebration and one of the most important events for a bride and her girl friends.  It’s often the last time they will be together prior to one of them becoming a wife.  So, it is important to everyone to make this event meaningful and memorable.  One way to make a bridal shower successful is to have a decadent menu.  A lavish spread of food will be pleasing to the eye and impressive to the guests.  As guests take time to savor the menu, the bridal shower will be a devoured soirée.

Incorporating the theme of the bridal shower into the menu is an easy way to spice up the menu.  For example if it is a beach themed bridal shower, have a few tropical drinks and fun finger foods.  Make the specials on the menu as special as the bride and groom with a few items that honor them.  If the couple is from New York City or met in the Big Apple, serve up some Manhattan cocktails and “Big” Apple Martinis.  It’s also easy to personalize deserts with monogrammed truffles and personalized fortune cookies.

Using the season as part of the theme also leaves a lot to the imagination for your bridal shower menu.  For springtime bridal showers or a garden bridal shower theme use fresh tasty herbs and colorful light dishes.  A nice quiche or a garden Caesar pasta salad are good choices.  For a Fall bridal shower, go hearty with the bridal shower menu.  A chicken pot pie, apple cider, and candied apples are nice contributions to a fall bridal shower menu.  This dishes on the menu exudes warmth for a fall wedding.  Bridal shower favors that keep with the theme and emphasis on the food would be very complimentary, such as gourmet cupcake mix favors or personalized lemonade mix bridal shower favors.  Burlap pouches filled with caramels for a fall event or coffee beans for a winter event would be fabulous as bridal shower favors.


To fill in your bridal shower buffet spread, don’t forget the cheese.  Cheese is a favorite of many.  You may even consider a cheese centered bridal shower theme or just a cheese focused cocktail hour.  Select top quality cheeses from your local grocery store and your grocer can recommend which kinds to include.  Offer tastings paired with wine to make it a little more creative.  Bridal shower favors like cheese spreaders would be cute to coordinate with a cheese focused bridal shower. 

You don’t need a fancy caterer to make a bridal shower stand out with an impressive offering of foods.  You can make it all yourself with miniature sandwiches, variety of salads, pastas, petite fours, etc.  Planning ahead will help you make the bridal shower successful.  You can also get a little help from other guests or other bride’s maids.  Ask a few people to pitch in and prepare a few dishes.  Another way to ensure a variety of dishes at the bridal shower is to make it a potluck.  Send out bridal shower invitations with the potluck theme and include RSVP cards which asks guest to include a dish of choice that they will bring. Also ask guest to bring a recipe card of the dish they prepare to give to the bride-to-be.  You can collect all the recipes and put them in a pretty recipe box to gift to the bride at the bridal shower.  This way you get a theme to your bridal shower and a easy way to create your menu.  All you have to do is have the table set when the guests arrive with their dish.  How much easier can it be!

To stick with the foodies theme include bridal shower trivia games that are themed around various recipes and kitchen secrets.  Maybe even have a cooking demonstration.  Make sure to give out bridal shower favors that are tasty treats and show gratitude to the guests.


Traditional Wedding Guest Book Alternative — Wedding Guest Book Posters

by Mary from Beyond Signatures

Modern brides are always searching for unique and new ways to plan their wedding.  One trending new idea is an alternative to the wedding guest book.  The wedding guest book is a nice memorabilia filled with thoughtful comments from your guests on your wedding day, however it tends to be hidden away on some bookshelf to gather dust after the wedding.  A unique alternative to the wedding guest book is a wedding guest book poster. 

Unlike the traditional guest book, a wedding guest book poster can be framed and put on full display in a perfect location at your home.  These innovative posters are available in colorful themes and can be beautifully displayed on an easel at your wedding for guests to sign or simply lay it out on the guest book table to be framed later.  It’s a great idea because more than one guest can circle around the table to sign this memorable poster, which makes it a little more convenient in terms of the line to get to the guest book at a wedding.  So often we see empty books left on the table because only a few guests made it to the book to sign.   The fact that this is a poster on display draws more attention and encourages missing signatures.

It’s a fresh idea that has not been seen too often yet and weddings and is foreseen to be a big hit at 2014 weddings.   However you choose to display this poster alternative to your traditional wedding guest book at your wedding or in your home, it will always be a beautiful conversational piece.

Destination Weddings In India

by Pritam Nagrale from

Destination weddings are the current rage, especially for the summer time.  They not only provide a beautiful location for your wedding, but offer your guests the opportunity to get away and travel to a vacation spot.  The most popular locations are tropical islands and beaches, but why not a more exotic location such as India.  India, has a lot more to offer than just the Taj Mahal and the rich culture will provide a colorful backdrop for your wedding.  Among the most popular locations for get away weddings in India is Goa.  The beaches of Goa will be fun and relaxing for your guests while providing you with a romantic ocean scenery for your wedding.  Udaipur, known as the city of lakes and palaces, will make a regal location for a fairy tale wedding.  Imagine holding  your wedding in a venue that was once the home of an Indian queen.  If you have your heart set on a tropical wedding, there is the lesser known Kerala for a quiet and picturesque wedding along the banks of a lake or even on the beaches of Kerala where they are known for grooms riding in on elephant back.   

It may seem complicated to try to plan a wedding in a foreign country such as India, however India with is substantial population, is superior in tourism and the services industry.  India has a stellar list of wedding planners that specialize in destination weddings.  Many of the luxury hotels offer the service directly to guests.  To get you started on your destination wedding in India check out: Top 10 Wedding Management Companies in India.  With the help of these planners you will be ready to whisk off to an exotic Indian location such as the “Pink City” of Jaipur or  a palace in the “Blue City” of Jodhpur for your wedding.