Why a Candy Buffet is a Great Wedding Idea

by John Summers from MoreSweets.co.uk

Almost everybody loves sweets and almost everybody loves weddings, so mixing both together is a sure fire way to make people happy. There can never be too much sweet food at a wedding and if you want to leave your guests with a great memory after your wedding, then a candy buffet can be just the trick.

A candy buffet allows you to have all the sweets at the wedding that you want in a glamorous and even show stopping way – depending on how the buffet is presented and the candy that’s used. Your wedding guests will feel like….well, children in a candy shop – because they almost are. So, here are some tips for creating a candy buffet.

Choose the Candy

Picking the right sort of candy is a big part of creating a successful candy buffet and the best way to begin is to sit down with a notebook and decide on the sorts of candies you would want to have at your reception.

It’s best to initially take both of your preferences into account, then consider the wedding scheme, the dessert – you want to compliment it – and also the way you want to serve it. There’s a whole range of possibilities and in case you need inspiration, More Sweets have a whole selection that can provide you with ideas.

It’s worth remembering that coordinated candy colours look more effective than just a load of random sweets. A centrepiece is also a good idea – a lot of people tend to choose a chocolate fountain and though it’s not necessary to have a centre piece, it does tend to look great with all of those scrummy sweets.

How Much

Choosing the amount of sweets is important. Generally, it’s advised to choose 6-10 sorts of sweets and around 7 – 10kg for a wedding of 100 people – 70g – 100g a piece. It’s always better to have a few too many than a few too few, especially at a wedding.

It’s often a better idea to purchase the sweets online, rather than in a shop as it tends to come in at a lower price. In addition, many online stores also offer candy at a bulk discounted rate.

Dietary Concerns

Sweets nowadays come in a whole variety of shapes, sizes, recipes and otherwise and you need to be aware of the things people can and can’t eat. It’s a good idea to include some gelatine free and dairy free sweets for vegetarians and vegans. While, sugar free candies and gluten free options work well for coeliac and people with diabetes. Fruit is also a good idea too.


There are all sorts of wonderful ways to serve sweets at a wedding and it’s worth ensuring that they match the theme of the wedding. Tongs and scoops are a good addition too as they ensure that the sweets are easy to get out and that people don’t touch them with their hands – hardly hygienic.

Take Home

One of the best ways to remove the temptation after the wedding is to give the guests take home containers of the sweets. It’s a good way to give them something to remember the wedding by and also means you won’t eat all of those stick sweets.

The Table

The table can be decorated as you wish, however why not accentuate it with ribbons, flowers, candles and even photos.

So, why not consider a candy buffet for your wedding – it’s a tasty and on-trend option and one that could really give your wedding a little extra oomph.


Crisscross Back Trend for Spring 2014 Wedding Dress

The open back trend from Fall 2013 is back for Spring 2104 with an extra.  For Spring 2014 open backs will be in the shape of an “X.” The bold yet elegant look can be seen done in many ways, including Chantilly lace or accented with crystals and stones.  The Crisscross back is a great alternative to a strapless dress for brides who want an open back but need a little support.

Spring 2014 Wedding Cake Trends

by Kimberley Turner from Bliss Bespoke

Wedding season is in full swing with the arrival of Spring and with that we see bakeries creating sweet confections and elaborate wedding cakes.  This spring we can see a similar trend in wedding cakes as that which brides are selecting for their wedding gowns and decor. 

Metallics are very popular for 2014 weddings and we will see some shine on the wedding cakes as well.  With this trend comes the statement cake, which is a very unique idea and a lot of bling for the wedding cake.  One over the top wedding cake that has set the standard for statement cakes since the beginning of the year is the upside down chandelier wedding cake hung from an actual chandelier for celebrity, Kaley Cuoco’s New Year’s Eve wedding.

Vibrant colors and Pantone color of the year, radiant orchid, will be a popular choice for icing and fondant.  Like the beautiful softly colored wedding gowns, ombre wedding cakes are also popular this year.  Also, like the designer wedding gowns of 2014 with ruffles and frills,  we will see cake decorators taking on the challenge of depicting this style on cakes. 

In the spirit of the season simple white or ivory wedding cakes will be draped with flowers.  Floral wedding cakes will appear with cascading flowers or cherry blossoms.  One unique, trend in floral wedding cake designs is hand painted flowers.  Splurge a little and bring opulence to simple cakes with a hand painted wedding cake adorned with flowers. 

The most requested flavor for wedding cakes thus far has been red velvet.  How can anyone resist the rich velvety texture with cream cheese icing, not to mention the beautiful rich color that is created with a tiny bit of cocoa, buttermilk and red food coloring.  A few other popular choices for the wedding layers are traditional flavors such as, Vanilla Bean, Lemmon, and Chocolate.

Are Wedding Bells in the Future for George Clonney?

Lifelong bachelor George Clonney is ready to settle down.  He is engaged to engaged to girlfriend Amal Alamuddin.  A giant rock was spotted on Alamuddin’s left ring finger when the two met Cindy Crawford and husband Rande Gerber for dinner Thursday in Malibu, Calif. She is a graduate of the New York University School of Law and specializes in international law, human rights, extradition, and criminal law. In 2011, she started representing WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in his fight against extradition.  The Oxford-educated Amal is fluent in three languages, Arabic, French, and English. The couple has been seen jet-setting together in the Seychelles, Washington, D.C., and New York.  It leaves us wondering where the when and where the wedding will be.

Wedding Worthy Celebrity Dressess from 2014 Red Carpet Affairs

This year we have quite a few wedding worthy celebrity dresses popping up on the red carpet.  These are beautiful glamorous dresses that are fit for a bride to walk down the aisle in and are inspiration for the ladies looking for that certain look for their upcoming wedding.

Oscar winner, Lupita Nyongo, has been stepping out on to the red carpet in some simply stunning attire, which has also been entitled wedding worthy.  Hollywood’s new darling continued her style streak in a knee-length Giambattista Valli dress with a full skirt and blue floral embellishments at Marie Claire‘s Fresh Faces party in West Hollywood, Los Angeles.  The romantic florals gives “Something Blue” to the bride and the sleek high-neck and tight-fitting bodice offset the voluminous skirt. Lupita’s Giambattista Valli dress gives inspiration for a Spring wedding blooming with blue iris and hyacinth.  It’s length makes it perfect for backyard weddings or on beach celebrations.

Jennifer Garner recently made a stunning red carpet appearance that would shine down a wedding aisle.  The Dallas Buyers Club star was gleaming at the 2014 Oscars in this silver tulle tiered fringe Oscar de la Renta gown. Understated accessories and sleek wavy hair kept the focus on the sophisticated dress that is perfect for bridal wear.

Miranda Lambert’s red carpet look at the 2014 Academy of Country Music Awards would fit right down a wedding aisle.  As a matter of fact Lambert’s Randi Rahm gown was shown during the Fall 2014 bridal runway season.  The country star’s rose gold beaded sheath hugged her curves, while its ultra-glam sparkly exterior and currently trending blush hue added to the stunning effect.  This is a wedding gown fit for a bold bride looking to make jaws drop as she walks down the aisle.  It’s perfect as a reception dress that will be partying the night away.

Honeymoon and Getaway Wedding Tips About Travel Apps

The Best Offline Travel Apps For Surviving Travel

by Aventuras De Viaje from SurviveTravel.com

It’s rare that I have constant internet access on my phone.  So, when on a honeymoon or traveling for something as important as a getaway wedding, I would want to be able rely on my travel tools.  To have an awesome trip, a must have for me are travel apps that work offline.


Listed are a few travel apps which work offline that I have tested.  I have an Android. I’m sure i-phones will have equivalents if not the same ones available.  All of these are free. First are apps, then are a few things which aren’t apps, but are still smart phone related.

 10 Must Have Offline Travel Apps

1. Compass
 This is a simple compass app. Choose whichever you like best, as long as it doesn’t need to be connected the internet to use it. I’m not sure why it would.

2. Torch (Flashlight)
This app usually uses your led camera flash.

3. GPS/Navigator
I bought my phone in China. It is not compatible with Google Maps so I downloaded a free navigation app called Skobbler. It’s got a lot of good features. I’m not going to list them. You can Google it. It is easy to use. Also, you can download city maps to your phones memory so you don’t have to be online to use it. You get one country free and is only $10 usd to get the whole world, or you can just get certain cities or countries or continents. They haven’t got every country but they to have a lot of them and they are continuously expanding. You can download and delete and re-download countries as you feel so you don’t block up your phones memory. I don’t think you can do that with Google maps.  I tested it in Vietnam and it saved me a few times. You cannot get written directions, but it’s a map and can work like a sat-nav in your car. I discovered that you don’t need to be online for the GPS to work which is awesome.

4. Google Translate
Funny that Google maps is incompatible with my Chinese phone but Google translate isn’t. With touch-phones today you can even write characters e.g. Chinese, then translate it to English (or whatever language). Discovered you can download the entire language ‘phrasebook’ for offline use. A little limited in comparison to using online, but pretty handy all the same.

5. Notebook
A simple notebook application so you can take notes if needed.

6. Calculator
Just useful.

7. Clock/Alarm Clock/Stopwatch/Timer/Calendar
Also useful.

8. Document Reader
So you can read pdfs, word docs, spreadsheets etc.  It’s great for all your wedding plans, vendor documents, etc.

The last two do need internet connection.. sorry for the lie.

9. Communication Apps
Email, Skype, Facebook, QQ, Wechat or whatever else you use.

10. Weather App
Accu-weather works well.

Not Apps, But Very Useful To Have On Your Smart Phone

1. A good camera
Then you don’t need to carry a camera because it’s in your phone (unless you are a photographer, in which case you probably have an SLR, of which no phone can compare to).

2. Ability To Double As A Removable Storage Drive.
You know, like a zip drive/memory stick/USB.

3. Wikitravel
I download wikitravel as pdfs then save it to my phone. Also, wikitravel phrasebooks, because sometimes Google gets it wrong or doesn’t have some things when offline. They are also a good place to start if you want to learn to the language of the location you are traveling to.


What If Your Phone Dies?

Obviously, you shouldn’t have to rely on your phone for everything, just in case you lose it or it runs out of battery. I suggest you have non-phone alternatives as well. I always carry the following:

* Compass
* Map
* Knife (Which a smart phone cannot be)
* Lighter (Also acts as a flashlight)
* Notepad and pen (which also acts as a calculator when used in conjunction with your brain, and I also write in it essential translations)
* A zip drive with all you important documents.

Easter Tea Party Wedding

We love these ideas for a Easter Tea Party Wedding.  It also makes for a lovely Easter time Bridal Shower Tea Party.  Somehow vintage glamour Spring simplicity has been intertwined perfectly in these ideas.

A simply fabulous wedding dress that fits the spring time light affair, but doesn’t loose the glamour.

Hints of gold on the china table ware and tea cups to keep the glamour flowing throughout the tea party.

Something special for the bride.

Premarital Counseling and Questions to Ponder

It’s easy to get caught up in the romance and the planning of a wedding.  However, it’s important to considered premarital counseling.  This is the final step in considering this life commitment of marriage.  A lot of people think of counseling as mental health and therapy.  However, particularly when it comes to marriage, it should be considered more of an introspection.  You might think of turning to a marriage or life coach rather than a therapist, who are more expensive.  There are many sources to pre marriage coaching online as well.  This is great for those tight on time. 

Rejuvenate and Enrich at http://rejuvenateandenrich.webs.com/ is a service that takes a short term solution focused approach.  They do mindful based practices and are available by Skype anywhere in the world or in person in Southern California.  A service like this could be considered a check on premarital wellness and help in fine tuning marriage.

If even this is something that doesn’t appeal to you then, consider doing some Mindful practices and asking yourself these questions:

1. What are my partner’s likes and dislikes and how do these relate to my likes and dislikes?   (This may seem simple and already covered, but you will be surprised at how something s are overlooked and can come up when you think about living with it all your life)

2. What spiritual/political beliefs does my partner have and how do these relate to my own?


3.   What differences in customs or opinions might we face because of our beliefs?

3. What is my partner’s credit score? ( Financial issues are a leading cause of divorce.  Don’t be surprised on this subject after the wedding, like when you are trying to purchase your first home to raise a family in)


4.  Has my partner ever been convicted of a crime? ( You never know!)

5.  What jobs has my partner held? ( Is there an occupation you may not approve of?)


6.  What education has my partner received? Does they want to further their education?

7. Do I or my partner or any of our immediate family members have any medical conditions, illnesses, disabilities or other special needs and how might this affect our life together?

8. What life goals for career, family, or other personal success do my partner and I share?


9.  What goals are different and how will we work through these differences?


10.   How will we help each other reach our life goals?

11. How will my partner and I manage our finances?


12. Who will be the provider in the family?


13.  What will we do in the event of loss of income?


14.   Is a pre-nuptial agreement necessary?


15.  How will we pay our bills, manage accounts, set aside savings, and handle large purchases?

16. How will we settle disagreements and differences of opinions?

17. How will handle each other’s families and friends?


18.  What Holiday customs will we need to honor?

19. What will we do to keep our marriage thriving?


20.  What will we do in the case that one of us feels the relationship is stale or strained?


21. Will we agree to go to counseling if we ever decide one day to not be married to each other?

22. What are our expectations of marriage to be like?


Some of these questions may seem simple, but may people overlook them an then clash shortly after the marriage.  These questions aren’t meant to make you doubt the your partner or your love. Answering these questions with your partner will help you be more prepared for your life together and ready when you face obstacles together.