Asian Pink Brocade Box for Favor Fairy Friday

It’s time for Favor Fairy Friday and today’s pick is the Asian Pink Brocade Box.  With Spring around the corner, we can conjure up an enchanting Asian wedding with Cherry Blossoms and silk brocade.

A pathway to the alter lined with Cherry blossom trees would be a bride’s fantasy come true.

A reception room lit up with pink and blossoming.

Flower girls in simple pink running under the Cherry Blossoms and sweet sugary Cherry Blossoms cascade down the wedding cake.

More sweets as sweet as the Cherry Blossoms.

Oscar Winning Photo Backdrops

An Oscar party deserves an Oscar winning set up.  That means glamorous backdrops and buffet tables set ups that inspire a party mood.

Make it fun colorful and Hollywood.

Do a favorite movie theme.

When you need something quick and pretty.

Crystal strands inspire bling bling glamour.

Oh so Chic! Gold and pink!

Lucky in Love Wedding Cake Ideas

The Irish aren’t the only ones that like the Lucky in Love theme.  It’s an important aspect of Asian weddings as well.  The Double Happiness Symbol is prominent in Asian weddings.

We love how it’s simply stated here using blue as the theme color.

A very pretty horseshoe topped pretty wedding cake.

There is always the Las Vegas Wedding Cake

Love this gambler wedding cake.

Then there is the traditional Shamrocks.

Inspirational Wedding Quotes

We bring to you some of the most romantic quotes we have come across recently.  These inspirations were beautifully displayed at weddings.

The ring pillow.

Classic and spiritual…uniquely displayed at the alter.

Classics at the reception table.

Guiding the guests with the reception table place cards.

Romantic quotes for the decorations.

Milk Bottle Favor Ideas

Vintage milk bottles are trending as party favors.  They are being used to simply individual servings of milk at children’s birthday parties or as a fun way to serve up cocktails and much more.  These can be a great DIY project.  Here are some fun things you can do with these bottles.

Serve up candy.

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A Bubbles Wedding for Favor Fairy Friday

This week the Favor Fairy is feeling light and playful, so her pick is Bubbly Champagne Bubbles, which inspires a bubbles wedding theme.

At first thought, a bubbles wedding theme may seem immature, however, believe it or not, there are some very elegant ideas that can be incorporated into this theme.  Here is a wedding theme that is pretty and bubbly fun!

Elaborate décor with class balls.

Walk down the aisle with bubbles over head.

A wedding cake flowing with bubbles.

Don’t forget the bubbles send off.

Persian Wedding Ceremonies

Persian Weddings tend to be modern and westernized in many aspects, such as the bride’s wedding gown, serving of alcoholic beverages, etc.  They are usually large and elaborate, however, one area that a Persian wedding does not skimp on culture is the ceremony.  The Persian Wedding Ceremony involves a beautiful display of nuts and sweets and an elaborate mirror that is used during the ceremony.

Here are some alter displays for a Persian Wedding Ceremony.

The mirror is the Mirror of Fate. This and the two candelabras are symbols of light and fire. When the bride enters the room she has her veil covering her face. Once the bride sits beside the bridegroom she removes her veil and the first thing that the bridegroom sees in the mirror should be the reflection of his wife-to-be.

A scarf or shawl made out of silk or any other fine fabric is held over the bride and bridegroom’s head by a few unmarried female relatives (bridesmaids). Two sugar cones made out of hardened sugar are used during the ceremony. These sugar cones are softly ground together above the bride and bridegroom’s head by a happily married female relative (maid of honor) throughout the ceremony to shower them in sweetness. The sugar drops in the held fabric, not on their heads.