Blue Wedding Favor Berry Baskets for Favor Fairy Friday

It’s Favor Fairy Friday and we are featuring these Blue Wedding Favor Berry Baskets.  The vibrant baskets are eco-friendly and nostalgic of the country side and farmers market.  However, they are very versatile as to what they can be used for and they are not just for berries.

These vintage like berry baskets with Tiffany Blue hue inspired a vintage sea side wedding theme.

Keep your guests warm and cozy by the seaside with S’mores kits in our Blue Wedding Favor Berry Baskets.

A little seaside sparkle for the bride.

Super Bowl Themed Wedding Ideas

It’s almost Super Bowl Sunday!  If you are having a wedding around Super Bowl Weekend then consider making it a party for your team.  Team colors fun football inspired wedding favors and game food is a must.  Here are some Super Bowl themed wedding ideas.

Just because you are having a wedding with a Super Bowl theme doesn’t mean it can’t be elegant.

Elegantly serve Super Bowl food.  Serve sliders, french fries, and Swedish meatballs butler style with a signature beer.

Football themed wedding favors.

Mini football chocolates personalized with your favorite team logo and team color personalized ribbon with wedding date and names.

Caramel Corn - mix candy that is your team color to make a personalized wedding favor.

Do a fun football themed photo shoot to remember the day.

5 Unique Wedding Favor Box Fillers

Many bride’s would love to take on a Do It Yourself project with the pretty wedding favor boxes we have to offer as well as personalized favor tags and embellishments.  However, they often come across the dilemma of finding a unique wedding favor item to fill the lovely favor item.  Here are 5 unique ideas to fill wedding favor boxes.

1.  French Macaroons are simply delectable and even one will fill a small two piece wedding favor box perfectly.

Consider filling our clear favor boxes with one or multiple colorful macaroons.

2.  Chocolate Candy Flowers – These pretty flowers can be made at home with colored candy and rose molds.  It’s very easy to do and fills up white tuck top favor boxes beautifully.

3.  Jordan Almonds are a traditional choice, which can be color coordinated with the wedding colors.  They also fill up the pillow favor boxes quite nicely.

4.  Jellybeans are a fun wedding favor idea and can be color coordinated easily as well.

5.  Mexican wedding cookies and shortbread cookies make beautiful presentations.

Grammy Winner Alicia Keys’ Grecian Vera Wang Wedding Gown

Since the Grammys were this last weekend and there is still much talk about it, we thought we would take a look back at a wedding gown for one of this year’s Grammy winners.  Alicia Keys won Best R&B Album for Girl on Fire and this girl was truly on fire with the Grecian wedding gown that she wore when she married Swizz Beats in 2010.  They had a wedding celebration on the French island of Corsica on July 31, 2010.  Keys was pregnant at the time and her gown was quite flattering for the mommy to be.

The one shoulder Grecian gown was a Vera Wang and Keys wore a diamond tiara to accent the style.

10 Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Actually Want

You don’t want your wedding favors to be wasted and your guests shouldn’t have to feel guilty about tossing them away.  So, make sure that your wedding favors are indispensable.  Most of edible wedding favors are wanted here are 10 wedding favors your guests will actually want.

1. Apple Cider Kit – It’s beautiful and vintage.  A great favor idea for fall or winter weddings.

2.  Single serving bottle of wine.  Who wouldn’t love another drink.

3.  Infused Cooking Oil. Even a small bottle of gourmet oil will be great for one or two cooking session.

4.  Cola Drinks.  Send your guests home with refreshments and wrap them up pretty.

5.   Personalized Honey Jars.  It’s something anyone could add to their pantry.

6.  Doughnuts – For a night snack!

7.  Personalized Water Bottles – A refreshing bottle of water can never be wasted.  Add a little hangover kit to it, such as single pack of Asprin.

8.  Cake Pops – Yummy!

9.  French Macaroons.  They will melt in your mouth and are simply irresistible.

10.  Vintage DIY Nutella Wedding Favors – Chocolate Hazelnut Spread that will be a delightful addition to any pantry.

Elegant and Glamorous Grammy Fashion

Fashion at the 2014 Grammy Awards was as diverse as the wedding ceremony performed during the show.  The dress code at the Grammys is much more lax compared to other award ceremonies, such as the Academy Awards, so attendees can go all out.  Here are our favorites for elegant glamour that would fit perfectly into a wedding as well.

Beyoncé was in a fabulous Michael Costello gown.

Ciara showed off her baby bump in a Emilio Pucci gown.

Taylor Swift in Gucci

Wedding At the Grammys

The 2014 Grammys was quite a unique night, which included a wedding ceremony of 33 diverse couples getting married during the show.  What a wedding story these couples have to tell with Queen Latifah officiating there wedding and Modonna performing after the ceremony.

Miniature Wedding Cakes with Oreos

If yesterdays DIY post for Chocolate Covered Oreos Mini Wedding Cake is enticing to you, but you just don’t want to take on a project that requires you to purchase molds and spend time on intricate decorations, then we have a simpler follow up for you.

This is an easy way to create a one layer cake that is just as beautiful, but less time consuming.  However, this one has to be served the same day and can’t be kept over several days.  So, you need to assign this project to someone for your wedding day.

Layer two Oreo cookies on a plate with a little bit of icing between them to hold them together. Then ice the top cookie smoothly and then pipe icing all around your cookie cake.  Sprinkle with some cake decorations and you are done.

They key to this is to have some pretty mini plates or cake stands for your cookie cakes.

Chocolate Covered Oreos Mini Wedding Cakes

We have a fun Sunday afternoon project for you to try today.  We mentioned in a previous post that we would be posting a DIY project for Chocolate Covered Oreos Mini Wedding Cakes.  So with no further delay, here it is.


To make these adorable cakes you will need mini cheesecake molds or a multi tiered cake pan.


The ingredients are:


Candy Confectionary Melts ( Your can use genuine chocolate, however the chocolate should be tempered prior to adding to the mold. 

Oreo cookies


Melt your chocolate or candy wafers by coarsely chopping and place into a microwave safe bowl. Microwave at 50% power for 1 minute, then stir well. Continue to microwave for 15 to 30 second intervals, stirring well after each interval, until smooth. For best results, do not overheat the chocolate, and avoid introducing moisture.

Once your chocolate has been melted, use a craft paint brush and carefully “paint” the white or colored chocolate into the mold designs. After filling each design, tap the mold onto the table to settle the chocolate, and remove any trapped air.   Let cool.

Once your painted design chocolate has cooled, fill the mold cavities approximately 1/3 full with the contrasting colored chocolate or candy wafers. Tap the mold onto the table to settle the chocolate, and remove any trapped air. If you’ve painted the designs, avoid re-melting them by filling the cavities with chocolate that’s as cool as possible, and tap the mold very gently as this can also cause the colors to bleed together. Press the Oreo cookie into the chocolate, and center it in the mold cavity, horizontally and vertically. As you press the Oreo into the mold cavity, the chocolate will rise up around the sides, embedding the cookie, and leaving only the top uncovered.

Pour the chocolate over the embedded Oreo, completely filling the mold, and covering the cookie. Gently tap the mold onto the table to settle the chocolate, and remove any trapped air. If necessary, level the chocolate by scraping away the excess with a silicone spatula. After the chocolate has hardened, chill the mold in the refrigerator for approximately 10 minutes. Turn the mold upside down and press on the back of the cavity to release the chocolate covered Oreos.

Decorate as you wish with cake decorating items, such as sprinkles and sugar flowers.  You will need to dab a little melted chocolate on sugar flowers or pearls.


Unique Ways to Ask Your Bridesmaids

In the current world of weddings and celebrations, everything is a ceremony and creativity must be added to all aspects of the wedding and planning.  Your bridesmaids will be putting a lot of time and energy into helping you make your special day perfect, so why not make them feel special as well, especially when asking them “Will you be my Bridesmaid?”   Here are some unique ways to ask the question:

Send them a special bottle of wine with a personalized label that pops the question.

Take them to a special tea and ask them all together with little tea party favors.

Send them some sweet treats, like a box of cupcakes with a note that asks the question.

Invite them to dinner and present them with a nice gift when you make the request.

Send them a bridesmaid survival kit.