Hanukkah Gifts and Favors

With Hanukkah coming up we thought it would be great to offer some ideas for small Hanukkah gifts. Since there are eight days for gift giving, using favor ideas is a good way to come up with Hanukkah gifts. The truth is that you can pretty much take any favor that you deem appropriate and turn it into a Hanukkah gift with the right labels and packaging. Favor boxes with blue or silver ribbon and favor tags that are printed with “Happy Hanukkah” would be perfect for coins or other treats. Olive Oil bottles that are labeled in the same way also make nice gifts for adults or families. Personalized match boxes with bundles of candles are a lovely gift for the celebration of a Festival of Lights. Kids would love Sugar Cookies in the shape of stars or Dreidel, which can be beautifully presented with personalized labels and favor bags for cookies. You can even make DIY Star of David Ornaments that would fit right in with the overlapping holidays. All you have to do is be creative and make it pretty.

Wedding Gown Wednesday – A Princess Gown by Valentino

It’s time for wedding gown Wednesday.  Today we are featuring a classic that will stay in everyone’s memory.  Princess Madeleine of Sweden wore this gown with a 4 meter long trail and a 6 meter long veil.  Valentino Garavani, came out of retirement just to design this fabulous dress for the Princess.  The cap sleeved gown is made of silk organdies and ivory Chantilly laces. 



Wedding Gown Wednesday

Join us every Wednesday as we feature a wedding gown.  We will show you the latest in bridal gown designs and fill you in on what the celebrities have been wearing.  Looking for the style of wedding dress that a true princess wears?  Drop by on Wednesdays and see which princess wedding gown we decide to feature.



Favor Fairy Friday – Pinecone Place Card Photo Holder

For our first week of Favor Fairy Friday, our enchanting fairy expert on wedding favors has picked the Pinecone Place Card Photo Holder. Just in time for the holidays!

These charming little place card holders fulfill the purpose of guiding guests to their seat at the reception and also serve as wedding favors that guests can take home and enjoy during the holidays for years to come.

Coordinating perfectly with the fall or winter season celebrations, here are ideas  that the Favor Fairy has picked to put together an entire party.


It can be rustic or extremely elegant, it all depends on which style suits you more, but the center of the theme will be pinecones.

Favor Fairy Friday

We strive to make the client wedding experience magical.  That is why we are launching Favor Fairy Friday.  Every Friday, our enchanting Favor Fairy will pick a favor for the week, which she will create a fairy tale wedding around.  Check in every week to see how the Favor Fairy has sprinkled her pixie dust to create a collage of a fantasy celebration with the inspiration of one favor. 


Oranges and Tangerines for Winter

Orange is such a bright summer color, can it really work for a winter wedding.  We think it can.  The orange glow in candle light can engulf a winter celebration with warmth.  Tangerines and oranges have fresh citrus scents that are magical with cinnamon and cloves, which are perfect for the winter.  Here are some winter orange and tangerine ideas we love.

Pink for Winter Weddings

Pink is a fresh color that is a top choice for brides having a spring wedding.  However, the pretty hues of pink can be surprisingly charming for winter weddings. Get a little daring and thing pink snowflakes and shiny bright pink Christmas ornaments.   It will be “oh so chic” and once enhanced with gold elements, your pink winter wedding will be spectacular.


A Very Purple Christmas Wedding

Purple is usually a color that is selected by brides in the spring or even autumn, but not often a color that is selected for winter weddings. However, purple is a royal color and looks great when combined with gold, which is very popular during the holidays and winter.  There are some unique ways to incorporate purple with snowflakes and pinecones, that will glamorize a winter wedding.






Emerald Green Winter Wedding

Winter weddings tend to have some similar themes.  Frosty blue and snowflakes are popular. However, bold colors are just as beautiful when contrasting white snow.  Emerald green is a popular color of the year, so why not incorporate it into the winter as well.  It definitely fits holiday themed weddings.