Indian Wedding Favors for the Holidays

With the holidays approaching Indian Wedding Favors also make great holiday favors as well.  The rich colors that primarily incorporate red and gold for Indian weddings, fit right in with the holidays.  Indian weddings tend to be ornate and Indian Wedding Favors are usually more decorative with glass and bead work.  These aspects of Indian Wedding Favors will decorate a holiday wedding beautifully.  We love these red and gold wedding favors:


Salt and Pepper Shaker Wedding Favors

Wondering what can be done with those salt and pepper wedding favors?  If you can’t get those designer ceramic salt and pepper shaker wedding favors, then get simple clear glass ones and fill them up.  You don’t have to present them as is.  Fill them up with candy or other fun items and then you have nice “filling” wedding favors.  Add a clever personalized tag and it is a complete wedding favor.


Don’t be afraid to take them out of the packaging and do something fun with the salt and pepper wedding favor shakers.


For an ethnic themed wedding, such as an Indian Wedding or a Middle Eastern Wedding.  Fill up the slat and pepper shaker wedding favors with exotic spices, like Sumac.


We love this pair, it’s simple and elegant.


Simple Fall Wedding Favor Ideas

Fall is finally here and its time for cute party favors or fall wedding favor ideas.  A simple and elegant way to give out fall wedding favors is to simply wrap it in orange tissue paper like a pumpkin shape and tie it up with green floral tape to create a stem.  It’s easy, simple and elegant.



We love simple paper cut fall leaves printed with guest names and table as fall wedding place cards.  Top them off on a simple craft favor box filled with caramels or anything you want and you have an awesome fall wedding favor that doubles as a place card as well.  This little idea is great for any fall party.





With Fall its easy to go back to the basics and appears much more elegant than any store packaged wedding favors.



Hot Chocolate Wedding Favors

The fall and winter seasons call for some heart warming inspirations when it comes to wedding favors.  We love the idea of hot chocolate as wedding favors.  There are so many creative ways to gift your wedding guests with hot chocolate.  After a night of drinking and dancing, you guest might love a cup of hot cocoa to go home with. 

Create a hot chocolate station by the door for your wedding guests to pick up a drink as you say good bye to them. 





 Hot Chocolate and doughnuts will surprise your wedding guests!




If you want your guests to have a sweet little treat when they get home or the next morning these are some great ways of creating hot chocolate wedding favors with personalized tags and sweet messages of gratitude.


Hot Chocolate on a stick is fun and easy.







Charity Wedding Favors

Charity Wedding Favors are a unique wedding favors idea as well as very meaningful.  Donating to charity in honor of friends and family members that will be missed on your wedding day is an unique way to incorporate them into your wedding celebration.  Not only will you honor a loved one, but you will give to a good cause rather than spend money on wedding favors that your guests may or may not keep.  However, traditionally it is custom to bid your guests good bye with a little memorabilia from your wedding day and it would be nice to communicate your donation and your message to your guests in some tastefully unique way.  This is where charity wedding favors are a perfect idea.  
Charity wedding favors are simple favors that are actually inexpensive because the majority of your wedding budget that is dedicate to wedding favors is given to the charity of your choice.  We have simple mints packaged in elegant traditional ways with favor tags that read your special message about your donation.  Simple personalized candy or cookie paper bags are a very easy favor to hand to your guests at the door as you bid them goodbye.  Our “Cookies for Cause” Favors are a perfect example of such a gesture.

If you’re not honoring someone with a charity donation, but still would rather give your money to a meaningful cause rather than pay for favors that your guests may or may not keep, then in the same manner consider giving a small edible treat in personalized favor boxes or bags with tags that read a special message, such as:
In celebration of this special day, we have made a donation to
(Charity Name)
Thank you for your love and support
(Your Names)
(Event Date)
It may be more tasteful to write a message in this manner and offer a small scrumptious memorabilia as your guests return home rather than simply a charitable donation in lieu of wedding favors.
Another way to go is to give your guests gifts that are ethically sourced and fairly traded, which assist marginalized communities.  That way you chose a handcrafted quality favor for your guests and you know that your purchase has aided a family or an entire community.  Your gifts can include  personalized favor tags that convey a message about the cause it is contributing to.


Fair Trade Silk Ties