Oscar Party Favors

This Sunday is the much awaited Academy Awards Ceremony.  There will be Oscar themed parties for the big event everywhere.  Friends and families get together to watch the Oscars and celebrate the wins for their favorite movies and actors.  With all the effort to throw together a party, it will be nice to put some extra touches to this year’s Oscar celebration and make it a memorable party.  Send your guests home with elegant party favors to commemorate the 2013 Oscars.  We recommend sticking to the classic Gold theme and here are some great favor ideas to accompany it. 

Gold frames for your guests to place their favorite actor’s picture in.



These Antique Gold Place Card Holder Frames are perfect for a sit down dinner Oscar party and can guide your guests to their seat.  The antique style of these frames gives an old Hollywood feel to your party.



Miniature Gold Chair Favor Boxes are nice way to present treats to your Oscar party guests.



Golden Renaissance Glass Tealight Holder will be elegant at the dinner table and a nice memorabilia for guests to take home.



We love these gold Laughing Buddha Place Card holders, for a little bit of whimsy and for good luck!



Bubbly Champagne Bubbles are also fun and fits any celebration.



What Black and White At 2013 Fashion Week Means for Weddings?

Fashion Week just passed and black and white hit the run ways again.  That means this year weddings will also reflect this fashion trend with the resurgence of black and white wedding themes.   The new twist to the black and white trend is that there will be lots of patterns.  For example, black and white striped pattern table cloth with black and white gingham napkins may be a combination.  A mix of wedding favor boxes with different black and white patterns would coordinate with this theme.  So, don’t be afraid to go with that classic black and white affair with a modern twist!



Mardi Gras Themed Wedding

It’s Mardi Gras and we have some ideas for a Mardi Gras themed wedding.  A fabulous cake with patterns and colors is a must and we love the venetian mask cake topper. 

Purple, green, and gold are popular colors, but change it up with subtle shades of the color palette.

We recommend Southern style parasols for the bride and bride’s maids.


Gold wedding favor boxes for Mardi Gras themed wedding favors are ideal.  However, a simple black favor boxes filled with Mardi Gras themed truffles are also elegant.



Rainbow Colors for 2013 Weddings

Weddings in 2013 are going to be colorful.  They are going draw in the vibrancy of beautiful rainbows.  Colors will be incorporated into weddings by mixing and matching.  Instead of one or two set colors that are usually used throughout the wedding decorations and bride’s maid dress colors, all the colors of the rainbow will be depicted.  Wedding favors will be colorful with favor boxes and wedding favor boxes that are in various vibrant colors.  Splashes of color will make things whimsical or elegant in 2013 weddings.

rainbow 5