Pantone Color – Driftwood


The last color to be featured from the Pantone spring 2012 collection is Driftwood.  Driftwood is a grey with tones of brown and beige, as well as a slightly weathered look.  Driftwood is another color that would more commonly be considered to be either an accent or a base tone for other colors.  However, fashion trends have given this new gray tone a spin and the center of attention. 

Invitations are always a great place to start with the wedding color palette and Driftwood is a color that prints beautifully.

A romantic decoration piece made of actual Driftwood.

Driftwood is an elegant color that will make a statement in bridal attire. 

There are many unique wedding favors that can be designed in this color and they will definitely be unique to the wedding favors market. 




A very unique presentation for a personalized wedding favor tag using the Driftwood color. 

Simple ways to incorporate the Driftwood color into the wedding cake. 

Perfect every detail of the wedding by including a signature cocktail – Night and the City.

To make this sugnature cocktail for a wedding reception use: Hayman’s Old Tom Gin, Bittermens Hellfire, Miracle Mile Candy Cap Mushroom Bitters, Heirloom Tomato Shrub, Black Pepper and Squid Ink Syrup, Fresh Horeradish. 

It is a bit unconventional drink, but why not add a little adventure and give wedding guests something to talk about.

Featuring Pantone Starfish #16-1120

Today we take Pantone Starfish #16-1120 and translate the color into beautiful wedding inspirations.  Starfish is a unique color that incorporates khaki, sand and nude tones.  This very neutral color surprisingly makes a statement as the main color for a wedding.  Starfish from the Pantone color swatches is one of our favorites for its elegant and demure depiction of a wedding.


We love this wedding cake topper.  It gives a little bit of glitz and glamour to the subtle color selection.  This beautiful dove cake topper is great for wedding anniversary cakes as well.

Who would have thought that a wedding cake can be this fabulous with a simple color tone?

Dress the groom in the color.  Pantone’s Starfish is great for a beach wedding and a groom on the sand dressed in a suit that is in the hues of Starfish is an elegant statement.

Go all out with the wedding invitations.

Beautiful wedding reception table scapes using a Starfish color scheme.

Starfish is a subtle and soft color that is deserving of elaborate design for wedding gowns.

Imagine unique and bolder designs when using Starfish for wedding gowns and bride’s maid dresses.

Elegant and imaginative wedding favors can be created in this color.

A pretty wedding favor box.

Macaroons in this color tone can only mean mocha or cappuccino flavor.  It’s our favorite desert choice to enhance a wedding desert table or give out as wedding favors.

A signature wedding cocktail to match the wedding color palette is the cherry on top to a perfectly planned wedding where a there is no detail missed. Consider a Bailey’s cocktail or a special espresso martini.

This is a simple color tone that is beautiful alone or enhanced with any other spring color fashion.  Pantone’s Starfish is as the color hints, a great color for beach weddings.  It just blends in with the sand and appears truly elegant and breezy.  The elegance of this color is ideal for formal evening wedding celebrations as well as fun and simple wedding parties.








Pantone Spring Color – Sweet Lilac

Today our spotlight is on Sweet Lilac from the Pantone Spring 2012 color swatches.  Sweet Lilac is a blend of lavender and pink.  It may even be said that Sweet Lilac has hues of mauve.  As the name suggests, Sweet Lilac is such a soft color with a classic feel that it takes us back to a time of innocence and is ideal for a Victorian style wedding.  However, you don’t have to stick to traditional old world style with this color.   It is a fresh new shade and a modern theme will complement it just as well.

Such a soft color is not only a sweet choice for bride’s maid dresses, but is befitting of the wedding gown itself for the bride who wants to stray from white.

We love this Victorian themed cake with a modern twist.

Invitations in traditional damask are actually very up to date as well.

The wedding favors market in this color tone is elaborate.  Our favorite is these pretty macaroons.

Sweet Lilac for an evening reception can be turned into quite a contemporary wedding reception with the right lighting and wedding decorations.



Spring Color Cabaret – PANTONE 18-2140


Today pour attention is on Cabaret from Pantone Spring 2012 Color Report.  Cabaret is a blend of hot pink and magenta.  It is a unique shade of pink that incorporates two vibrant colors into one perfect spring color.  According to the stylists, Cabaret will show up in all the fashion trends, and according to the wedding specialists, it will be hot not only for weddings, but for bridal showers, rehearsal dinners and other wedding as well as party celebrations.  Here are some inspirations from the color Cabaret:

We love it in lush floral centerpieces and Cabaret makes a bold color choice for invitations.  Cabaret also highlights wedding cakes beautifully and wedding décor with pink lighting is fabulous.

Vibrant Cabaret colored shoes piercing from under the wedding dress will make quite a statement and pretty Cabaret colored shoes to match bride’s maid dresses will definitely say “ooh la la”.

Cabaret is a sexy color and adding hints of it all throughout a wedding celebration will create a chic and even sultry ambience.  Personalized cocktail napkins are a great idea to add accents of Cabaret.

If you are going to have Cabaret colored cocktail napkins, then a signature cocktail in the same color is a must!

There are so many wedding favors that are available to color coordinate with Cabaret.

Have some fun with a spring wedding by giving out Cabaret colored parasols and hand fans.  The parasols are fabulous decorations for the aisle as well.

Our favorite for the desert table and as wedding favors is French macaroons coordinated with the wedding colors.

Pink Jordan Almonds in coordinating personalized favor boxes are also a sweet favor for the traditional bride.




Sodalite Blue – PANTONE 19-3953

Today we place the spotlight on Pantone 2012 spring color, Sodalite Blue.  Sodalite Blue is a deep royal blue with violet tints.  It is a beautiful rich color that not only fits into the 2012 spring fashion trend bringing depth and anchoring down the bright yellows and pinks, but it can fit into any season.  Its beautiful blue hues perfectly highlight summer beach weddings and tropical celebrations by the ocean.  Blue accents are perfect for winter wedding celebrations as well and the combination of blue and white is bold.  Pantone’s Sodalite Blue can be combined with other spring fashion colors for trendy and vibrant combinations as well. We created and inspirational Sodalite Blue wedding collage here.

You don’t usually imagine a blue cake, but there are creative ways to incorporate Sodalite Blue into the wedding cake.  Even a blue fondant base as the main cake color is doable.


Sodalite Blue is a vivacious color that is gorgeous when included as part of the wedding gown.


There are lots of ways to add Sodalite Blue into the details of the wedding, such as wedding favors and bride’s shoes can be that something blue for good luck. 


A unique way to create a blue wedding bouquet is with ribbon and glittering stones.


Don’t forget to create wedding invitations that feature Sodalite Blue.

We love this rich look using Sodalite Blue for wedding reception décor.

Don’t forget to make a statement by creating a signature drink that is icy cool and the color of Sodalite Blue.


Pantone Spring Color Pick – Bellflower

We continue to take the color swatches from the Pantone Spring 2012 color report and translate them into wedding inspiration all throughout the month.  Today we are featuring Bellflower, bold lavender with subtle hues of violet.  Here are some of our wedding inspirations for Pantone’s spring pick, Bellflower.

The wedding invitations are the best place to start using the primary wedding color to set the tone for the wedding. 

Bellflower is a beautiful spring color that cake decorators will love to incorporate into the wedding cake and deserts.

It is easy to use Pantone’s Bellfower in the wedding decor, such as chair sashes and table linens.

Incorporate the spring wedding color into you wedding favors.  Gourmet Jordan Almonds or French Almond Dragees come in many pastel colors and this shade of Bellflower is our favorite for serving up Jordan Almonds as wedding favors or as part of the candy buffet.

Beautiful wedding Favor ideas and inspirations in hues of Bellflower.

Here is a unique way to incorporate your color choice of Bellflower into the wedding favors.  We love this presentation for gourmet truffle wedding favors.

Make sure to make a statement by incorporating Pantone’s hot spring choice, Bellflower into the bride’s maid dresses, flowers, decorations, and even the food.

Pantone Spring 2012 Color Trend – Solar Power

Today is the first day of spring and we continue to spotlight Pantone Spring 2012 fashion colors.  With the vision of a beautiful crisp and sunny spring, today our spotlight is on Pantone’s Solar Power.  A little Solar Power goes a long way as it is a deep and vibrant yellow.  A shade of yellow makes a lasting statement at weddings and Solar Power is a yellow that will keep things cheerful at a wedding celebration.  It is a color that exudes warmth and inspires happy thoughts, which is very much invited at a wedding celebration, so using Solar Power as the primary color for a wedding color palette is a wise choice.

Begin by focusing on Solar Power for wedding invitations and take it all way from the bride’s maid dresses to the little details, such as the wedding favors.


The bride’s bouquet with bold roses that exude Solar Power will be center stage along with yellow floral and wedding décor. 


Solar Power is also another popular color for Indian Weddings.  Flower such as yellow marigolds and roses are very popular for decorating alters and reception sites.  Indian brides are known to select the color not only for their bridal gown, but more frequently for the pre wedding celebrations such as the sangeet or haldi, in which a yellow bridal dress is expected and an Indian wedding gown in Solar Power has deep color tones that will exude elegance.  Solar Power is also very complimentary to the gold jewelry that most Indian brides wear.


St. Patrick’s Day Bridal and Bachelor Party Celebrations

St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect time to put on a wedding celebration.  Since everyone is already in the party mood, why not throw a bachelor or bachelorette party or bring them together for a big bash.  It would be fun to hit a few bars together and try some green cocktails.  Keep with the St. Patrick’s Day theme and make it festive pre-wedding celebration with all kinds of St. Patrick’s Day party favors and décor.  Here are some trendy ideas for bridal showers and bachelor or bachelorette parties on St. Patrick’s Day

Create uniqe displays with food and Irish beer is a must.

Don’t forget signature green drinks for St. Patrick’s Day wedding parties.

Create unique table settings with green and other accent colors.

Candy buffets are very popular at parties and it gives guests a little something to take home.


Pantone Spring Color Margarita – PANTONE 16-1120

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day we take a look at Pantone’s pick of green for spring 2012, which is Margarita.  Pantone color Margarita is a mixture of lime green and sea foam green.  It is a subtle color with a punch.  This is a soothing accent color for weddings, which will also help brighten things up and make things pop.  Margarita is also selected by Pantone for the spring because it lifts spirits and the subdued color pierces out with a stimulating glow among all the wedding white. 

A fun invitation in Margarita is perfect for a spring wedding.

 Make Margarita the signature drink at the wedding. 

Tangerine Tango is Pantone Color of the Year

Today, our spotlight in on Tangerine Tango, not only is it part of Pantone 2012 Spring Colors, but Pantone color of the year is Tangerine Tango!  This year Tangerine Tango is being incorporated into many designer collections and wedding design is one of them.  Tangerine Tango is a bold reddish-orange tone and is a great wedding color because its bright vibrancy evokes positive emotions, such as happiness and excitement for weddings.  Once again, Pantone has selected a versatile color that can be mixed with contrasting colors, as well as toning shades.

 This stunning color can be easily incorporated into wedding decorations, the wedding cake, flowers, and bride’s maid dresses.  This color can create sizzling combinations and themes, such as a beach themed wedding that can reflect Tangerine Tango and shades of blue or turquoise.  This color evokes confidence and will be a hit at any celebration.

 Because Tangerine Tango is Pantone color of the year, it will be seen all year through and this color will be featured in weddings not only in the spring, but throughout the year.  Here are a few Tangerine Tango inspirations.

Create a Tangerine Tango inspired signature cocktail for the wedding reception.

Use set the tone for your wedding from the beginning and use Tangerine Tango for all your wedding stationary.

Either a hint of Tangerine Tango or a bold statement with Tangerine Tango as the primary color will make a vivacious presentation.

Use Tangerine Tango in all the intimate details of your wedding from the bridal garter to the wedding cake.

Tangerine Tango is a great inspirational color for ethnic weddings and very popula among Indian Wedding Celebrations.