Chocolate Tasting Party Bridal Shower


Here’s an idea for the bride who is a chocoholic.  If the bride loves chocolate then a bridal shower that is a chocolate tasting party is a fabulous idea.  A chocolate tasting party is perfect for a small bridal shower with intimate friends and scrumptious theme for a bridal shower.  Incorporate chocolate into the entire menu from cocktails to desert.  Serve special dishes that will leave your guests wanting more.  For cocktails serve Chocolate Espresso Bellini, Panini with Chocolate and Brie for the main dish, and individual gianduja soufflé for dessert (these fabulous recipes are available on Food Network from chocolate lover Giada De Laurentis).  Serve up lots of chocolate truffles along with your menu as part of your table decorations. 

Make sure that the bridal shower cake is chocolate and have fun decorations that fit the theme.  Ask your guests to bring gifts for the bride that are related to the theme.  If fun and whimsical is appropriate then chocolate body paint will be a fun gift.  For more conservative gifts, perhaps a chocolate melting pot or baking and pastry tools would be nice.  A fun idea would be to ask everyone to bring their favorite chocolate recipe and create a chocolate recipe box for the bride to be.  To stay with the theme think about sending guests home with bridal shower favors that are edible and chocolate.  Small favor boxes of chocolate truffles or homemade jars of hot fudge that are personalized would be a nice touch.

Beach Wedding Advantages and Disadvantages



   In the summer time beach weddings are popular, especially if you are planning a getaway wedding.  The advantages of a beach wedding are many.  Most beaches are considered public areas, so a city permit to reserve the area for your wedding day is inexpensive.  This can be a tremendous savings in venue costs.  Also, if it is a getaway wedding, more than likely you will have a smaller guest list and that will be a savings as well.  Beach weddings can be very casual, which can be savings on bridal attire as well as relieve the bridal party of costly attire.  At a beach wedding formal gowns and tuxedo rentals can be eliminated.  Casual suits and pretty sun dresses are appropriate for a beach wedding, and the bridal party will be more likely to be happy with these purchases.  There is a big savings on décor for a beach wedding as well.  Since you already have a beautiful back drop of the ocean and sand, not a whole lot is necessary for decoration.  A simple altar with a few flowers is quite lovely for a beach wedding.  A beach wedding is modern and a nice change from the traditional formal wedding.

   As lovely and simple that a beach wedding can be, it is important to keep a few factors in mind.  Weather must be taken into consideration for a beach wedding.  There must be a backup plan for unexpected bad weather.  An alternate indoor location is important to keep in place when planning a beach wedding.  To keep the costs low, consider a restaurant overlooking the beach.   A public location like the beach can have rules that must be abided during your special day.   Check to see about restrictions, such as alcohol.  If alcohol is prohibited on the beach, this may be a damper on your party, or a big savings on alcohol costs.  It all depends on what is important to you.  Serving nonalcoholic fruity drinks and punch at a beach wedding can be fun and keep all your guests much better hydrated than alcoholic beverages.  Beaches also have curfews and you need to take into consideration how long you can stay on the beach for your wedding celebration. 

A beach wedding can be beautiful and the casual atmosphere leaves room for imperfections.  Remember that everything may not be in place because of the ocean breeze or seagulls dropping off a special package for you.  Careful planning is necessary due to the unpredictable element of nature; however at the end it will all just be fun memories. 






Gourmet Edible Wedding Favors

The first thought of edible wedding favors may seem mundane; however there are so many selections of delectable edible items that are gourmet food items which almost look too pretty to eat.  Gourmet edible items can be individually packaged and personalized to make an impressive presentation, which your guests will find as quite a treat and can’t pass up. 

For meaningful wedding favors that are guaranteed not to get tossed out, gourmet edible wedding favors is the choice for couples.  These are top five choices for edible wedding favors that are certain to show your guests that you are grateful for their presence on your special day. 

Chocolate Truffle in Ring Favor Box

The Grand Truffle is hand-dipped and available in a variety of flavors.  The sweet treats come in a faux diamond ring embellished favor box You may also personalize each of your truffles with a hand-decorated monogram of your choice, such as your family last name. This is an opulent wedding favor idea, which is uniquely personalized and emanates class.

Gourmet Designer Cookie Favors

Designer cookies are delectable shortbread cookies that are custom made in the design and theme you desire for your wedding.  The cookies are decorated to creamy icing to match your wedding colors and create your own personal touch to a delicious wedding favor. 

Gourmet Wedding Fortune Cookies

These delectable cookies are a whimsical idea for any wedding celebration.  Ideal for an Asian inspired celebration, but unique for any romantic event, these gourmet edible favors are handmade.  Baked in small batches and made from all-natural ingredients, the delicious fortune cookies are dipped in your choice of fine Belgian Chocolates (Dark, Milk, or White) or rich golden Caramel.  Adorable hand-crafted Royal Icing Wedding Decorations- Wedding Bells, Hearts, and Flowers- adorn this sweet selection of cookies. Inside each cookie your guests will find a special Wedding Fortune.  The fortunes are special quotes from poets such as “Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind -William Shakespeare” and “Love is the irresistible desire to be loved irresistibly”.

Mini Gourmet Olive Oil and Vinegar Favors

The mini bottles of olive oil and vinegar are ideal for gift giving and allow you to sample the diversity of flavors without exceeding your needs or cupboard space. These mini olive oil and vinegar favors are created in Napa Valley using time honored traditions and make chic favors for wedding receptions, bridal showers, and engagement parties. Each mini bottle contains 50 milliliters of premium olive oil or vinegar. Choose from 3 distinct flavors to match your tastes or theme. They are perfect for adding to reception tables for guests to use during dinner as well to take home and try with their favorite meal.

Cocktail Infusion Favors

Create gourmet cocktails for your guests to enjoy at your wedding reception or take home and indulge in a night cap.  These colorful cocktail infusers will definitely liven up your next event. Exotic blends of fresh teas, herbs and spices naturally infuse exotic cocktails.  The Cocktail Infusion Favors are available in 3 fabulous flavors or mix it up. The fun and exotic cocktail flavors are great for tropical events, beach weddings, or even a chic cosmopolitan affair.

Garden Wedding Ceremony Markers

Add personal touches to a garden wedding ceremony with unique ideas.  Make a big statement with geometric topiaries and oversize initials that will infuse a classic outdoor setting with contemporary charm. Make a larger-than-life statement with faux-boxwood letters that are your initial for the alter. 



  Potted plants to line the aisle or giant lanterns will also make a bold statement. 




  Add color to a garden wedding ceremony with bright colored parasols at each chair and add shade for your guests as well.



Use moss to create initials and hang them on the chairs of the aisle or stunning balls of flowers will make a beautiful statement as well.





Summer Wedding Favors

Summer wedding favors are more fun and casual.  They don’t have to be costly, as the summer time calls for a more light tone to events and weddings.  Summer wedding favors are easy to do because they can correlate with the theme.  Summer weddings that take on a beach or have a tropical theme can make do with wedding favors like, sandalwood fans or miniature galvanized buckets filled with candy.  With the more casual atmosphere of summer weddings, there are some great deals on summer wedding favors.
Add some candlelit ambience to your beachside event with stylish starfish tea light candle favors.



Filled with surprises, miniature galvanized buckets make crafty and inexpensive wedding favors.


Set fun beach themed disposable cameras at each of your reception tables for your guests to capture special moments at your beach themed wedding.

Summer is a beautiful season to celebrate your love and have a wedding.  There are a collection of summer wedding favors that are perfect for nautical or garden inspired wedding themes that that are popular in the summer time.  Summer wedding favors can make your wedding burst with summer whether it is an indoor or outdoor wedding. 

Easy Wedding Centerpieces to DIY

When incorporating DIY projects to a wedding, wedding centerpieces are not usually the first idea.  However wedding centerpieces can be easy to do and look professional.  The key to DIY wedding centerpieces is to keep it simple.  Simplicity can be the key to beauty and elegance. 

A simple arrangement of roses is a square glass vase is modern and elegant.  If roses are not in the budget mix a few carnations into the arrangement or make a bold statement by using vivid colors of carnations for the entire arrangement.

A single flower under a glass goblet topped with a tea light candle is very unique and so easy to create.  This is a cute idea for each place setting as well.  Create a table scape by placing one in front of each place setting and have some candles in the middle of the table.  Not only is this idea a savings because it is a DIY project, but with the few flowers that are needed it is very inexpensive and quick to create.



Using fruit as part of the centerpiece is also a great savings.  It’s easy to use cherries or lemons to surround a candle in a glass vase.   Slicing up orange or lemon pieces and floating them inside a glass vase with flowers is also easy to do.  As simple as the idea is, it also looks unique and a creative idea for a wedding centerpiece.

Wedding centerpieces with creativity and some helping hands can be elegantly created at home.  DIY wedding centerpieces are an amazing savings when trying to stay within budget for a wedding.  There are so many costs to manage for a wedding, and being able to create professional centerpieces at home is an amazing advantage.  One might hesitate to create centerpieces at home because of the dilemma of transportation and how to keep the flowers fresh.  It is not as complicated as it may seem.  One important thing to remember is keep the flowers cool.  Winter time maybe the easiest season for this project, however cool air conditioned room the night before or the morning of the event should be sufficient.  Transporting the centerpieces to the wedding reception site will require a few cars or mini vans.  Recruit some friends and family to take this responsibility.  Place the centerpieces in boxes and make sure that they stay in place with newspaper to stuff around them.  It is simple as that.  Professional centerpieces for a wedding are not impossible to do at home.

Wedding Cake on a Budget

There are a lot of simple ways to save on the wedding cake.  An elegant and elaborate wedding can still be fitting for a DIY wedding cake with a few good tricks.  One very popular option for saving on the wedding cake is to create tiers of cupcakes that can be baked at home.  Couples will often have a small wedding cake that is decorated to their hearts desire and have additional sheet cakes in the kitchen to be served to the guests.  However, if a full sized wedding cake is desired, then here are some ideas for creating a wedding cake that will be elegant and suitable for a wedding that doesn’t appear to be on a budget. 

One great idea is to order a plain white wedding cake, which can even be from a grocery store and then cover it with flowers to create a beautiful and elaborate wedding cake. Another way to save on this cake is to mix faux flowers with fresh flowers.  The big impact flowers made of tissue will look elegant and won’t even be noticed.  Use exotic flowers and select cake flavors like mango or pineapple to fit the scheme of the wedding cake.  This cake saving idea will be great for a spring or summer wedding.  It is also befitting for a tropical wedding theme.



Other ways to embellish a plain wedding cake bought inexpensively is with ribbons, stings of beads, feathers, or leaves.  Create a gift box wedding cake with satin ribbon and square shaped layers of cake.  Purchase a plain cake with fondant icing for a more clean and smooth professional appearance.  Sprinkle the cake with colored sugar to create geometric designs for a very modern and slick wedding cake.



If making the wedding cake at home, then make it as homey as possible.  Baking the wedding cake at home and then spreading sweet layers of butter cream icing on a layered cake will be perfect for a summer wedding.  Top the layers with cherries or strawberries for decoration.  Vanilla cake with cherry jam or strawberry filling will be perfect for a summer wedding cake.  This cake idea is so quaint yet appears to be invested with time and effort.




The trick is to start with a basic wedding cake with fondant or butter cream that could be picked up from a local bakery or pastry chef and then decorate it with embellishments that suit the wedding theme and décor.