Support The Fight For Breast Cancer With Your Wedding

If you want your weddings favors to be more than just wedding favors and make a meaningful contribution, consider favors that contribute to breast cancer awareness.  Bakeries are offering proceeds from their cupcake sales to breast cancer foundations.  A great wedding favor idea and an alternative to the typical wedding cake are cupcakes. 

Order enough cupcakes for each of your guests and package individual pink cupcakes as wedding favors in clear favor boxes or white favor boxes.  Embellish the favor boxes with pink ribbon and include a personalized tag that thanks your guests and informs them that the proceeds from these wedding favors was donated for the battle against breast cancer.  If cupcakes seem too complicated, there are many bakeries that offer wedding cookies that serve the same purpose.  Delicious shortbread cookies with pink icing that come in many shapes and designs can be package in favor bags or cello bags with personalized tags.




Another easy idea that will still make a wonderful contribution is to have tiers of cupcakes instead of a wedding cake.  The display looks beautiful and it is a big trend.  There is a huge savings as wedding cakes are much more costly as well.  Not only will there be a savings, but the desert purchase for your wedding will also give to a charitable contribution.  A cute idea is to have a display of takeout boxes along with the cupcakes so that guests can take desert home and have note on the desert table that states these cupcakes have made a charitable contribution.  A personalized label with your special message on each of the takeout boxes is also an ingenious idea to get the message across.  This way you can also skip the wedding favors if the wedding budget is tight as the cupcakes will serve as desert and take home favors in one.


Where do you find a bakery that makes such a great contribution for their sales?  Check with your local baker or contact Big Fat Cupcake Foundation and Crumbs, which are nationwide.  The key to making this wedding favor and desert idea work is to make sure your cupcakes are decorated with pink frosting and you want it to coordinate with your wedding décor so that it is not an eyesore. 


Cameo and Black Wedding Color Palette

The cameo and black wedding color palette is the perfect colors for a wedding.  As traditional and Victorian as it may seem, this color theme can take a modern spin as well.  However, when trying to bring a classic and elegant ambience to a wedding, this cameo and black wedding color palette and theme is perfect. 

The soft hues of pink in the cameo are simply elegant and ideal for a wedding.  It is a classic wedding color and a classic theme that can be remembered from Victorian times.  The black which is drawn from the silhouette idea of Victorian times brings in a modern feel to a classic wedding.  The only way to perfect this wedding is to bring in the cameo to all aspects of the wedding.

In keeping with this theme the bride might consider a soft pink dress and jewelry that includes antique cameo pins.  However, if the desire is to wear a white wedding dress, then consider bride’s maids’ dresses in soft pink.  Pale pink dresses look glamorous and consider adding some aspect of feathers to it.  Consider black jewelry with gold accents for the bride’s maids or pink pearls with cameo earrings.  Other jewels to consider for this wedding theme are rose quartz or black diamonds.  For the groom’s men and the groom gift them with blush colored cufflinks to add a touch of pink.  Pink socks with classic black oxford shoes will also be a nice touch for the men. 

For wedding flowers, soft pink roses and peonies are a must.  Peach calla lilies, ruffled bottlebrush and grevillea, spindly spider lilies are lovely compliments.  Fresh boutonnieres with a single pink rose pinned with a black pearly headed pin would be perfect.  The bouquets should be pink flowers with black ribbon.  For the rest of the décor the same color palette with a pink back drop and accents of black on the table scape is ideal.  Include wedding favors that are small pink favor boxes embellished with black ribbon and topped with a cameo.  The favor boxes should be filled with chocolates as that is classic.  When trying to bring in more of a modern touch as stripes and clean lines to the classic theme.




Authentic Indian Wedding Favor Ideas

Indian weddings are colorful events and every detail is looked to with care.  Weddings are considered to be one of the most important social events in India.  Every single aspect of an Indian wedding reflects the Indian heritage and some wealthy families spend millions on an Indian wedding to depict this.  Wedding favors are not exception when it comes to an Indian wedding. 

If exotic is the feel of your Indian wedding then why not create spice packets of your favorite Indian dish.  The spice packet wedding favors can be decorated with Indian themed envelopes and personalized labels.  It will be great if you are also able to serve the dish as a part of your Indian wedding menu.  This will give guests a chance to taste what they can go home and try to replicate themselves.  Other ideas is to use miniature jars for Indian spice wedding favors or offer Indian breath refreshers in the jars with Personalized labels.  It will be a nice little treat for the end of the evening at your Indian Wedding.


Incense wedding favors are also a very respectful and ethnic wedding favor idea for Indian weddings.  Almost all parts of India have a ritual for lighting incense.  Another option for truly staying with ethnic Indian wedding favors is picking an item that is authentic to a certain region of India.  For example, lac boxes are en elegant wedding favor idea and it will be original to the part of India called Jaipur.  It will be nice to select wedding favors from the regions that the bride and groom are from.

For modern couples and modern Indian wedding favor ideas, consider a CD of Indian wedding music with your own personalized labels.  Also, a special classic Indian movie that has a wedding them would be a great Indian wedding favor idea and a gift of a foreign film to your guests.  This would give your wedding guests more of a cultural awareness.

When giving Indian wedding favors make sure your follow the Indian customs and practices to stay respectful to the Indian culture. 


Wedding Favors Party

When you need extra help to get organized for your wedding turn it into a party.  Your friends and family want to help you with your wedding, but turning it into a party will make them much more enthusiastic about helping and they will feel appreciated.  It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, but some simple planning and little details will make it seem like you put in a lot of effort to plan a party for everyone helping you with your wedding.  One of the biggest areas that you may need extra hands is for the wedding favors.  So, create a fun wedding favors party to help get the wedding favors ready for your wedding day like a martini party. 

A martini party with the girls would be a fun theme.  Send invitations on coasters to set the theme.  Play good music like Sinatra and jazz.  Serve up all kinds of martinis and you could consider splurging a little and hiring a bartender.  Make sure to serve a variety of martinis and chocolate martinis at the end of the night as a sweet treat.  The girls can enjoy putting together your wedding favors as they sip on martinis.  To keep your guests not only hydrated but satiated as well, serve up some fun appetizers and food like sliders.  For an added bonus at the end of the night send guests home with a little thank you gift like drink mixes or martini shakers that could even be personalized.  Some party favors that might also be acceptable as parting thank you gifts are glass coasters, which won’t be too costly either.



Wedding favors will require assembly or packaging and personalized tags that have to be individually done for each and every guests and a few helping hands can make the whole process a lot faster and easier. 



Olive Themed Wedding Favors

The long lived olive tree is an ancient symbol of wisdom, hope, light, fertility, health, and wealth.  I ancient Greek culture the olive tree was a gift from the Gods.  Olives and olive branches were used in many aspects of the wedding. 

The rich, aromatic taste of olive oil has been a time-tested favorite for thousands of years, so it seems natural to include it as a part of a sacred time honored tradition such as a wedding.  Olive oil wedding favors and other olive themed items are becoming increasingly popular as wedding favors. 

Inspired by the hills of Tuscany, this olive oil wedding favor is loaded with flavor.
“Olive You” Olive Tray and Spreader
This olive themed favoris filled with love and pizzaz.

Symbolic Indian Wedding Favors

When we think of Indian weddings we imagine vibrant colors and symbolism full of meaning.  To celebrate your Indian heritage and show respect to your culture, give wedding favors to your guests that include the Indian culture and are symbolic to you. 

You may not be able to include customary live elephants at your Indian wedding celebration; you can still include its symbolic presence with your wedding favors.  The elephant is considered sacred in India and symbolizes strength and stability.  Present patience, wisdom, energy and good fortune to each wedding guest with elephant themed wedding favors.  Miniature elephants make decorative Indian wedding favors.  Elephant key chains or paperweights make excellent Indian wedding favors. 



Another fragrant symbolism at Indian weddings is flowers.  Jasmine and rose petals are sprinkled over the bride and groom to banish evil spirits and bad vibrations.  For Indian wedding favors that infuse this symbolism you can consider sachets of flower petals, fill little organza bags with dried flower petals or even lavender.  You can also fill Indian jute bag favor pouches with coffee beans or tea sachets that can even be personalized for wedding favors.  Remember that tea or chai is a big part of the Indian culture and tea wedding favors will be appreciated by your wedding guests. 



To really impress your wedding guests with a unique find, treat them to lavishly detailed Golden Lac Box wedding favors.  These favors are original works of art that are hand crafted in a part of India called Jaipur. 



With creativity you can come up with Indian wedding favors that will touch your guests’ hearts.  Remember to select wedding favors that make your guests feel special.





Inexpensive Wedding Favors – Less Than $1

Everyone is trying to save in the current economic situation and the key is to have the wedding of your dreams without going broke.  As we see many brides and grooms stretching their wedding budget to create an affordable wedding, cheaper wedding favors are more in demand.  There are some inexpensive wedding favors that are cheap only when it come to the price.  Contrary to the typical idea of losw cost wedding favors, these wedding favors do not short change you on quality or impact.  They are quite impressive and look like you put in a lot of effort and expenses for these wedding favors. 

Cut Out For Love Cookie Cutter Favors

Cookie cutter wedding favors are absolutely adorable.  Add a cookie recipe to each cookie cutter wedding favor and your guests will be charmed by your thoughtfulness when they recieve your wedding favors.  Not only do the Cut Out For Love Cookie Cutter Favors make perfect wedding favors but they also make wonderful bridal shower favors as well.

Gift Box Candle Favor

Elegant candle wedding favors look great at each wedding reception table place setting and double as a lovely wedding favor that will be useful to your guests.

Butterfly Candle Place Card Holder Favors

Place Card Holders are excellent for inexpensive wedding favors because they do double duty.  Not only do they guide your guests to their seats, but at the end of the night they get to take the lovely favors home.  Particularly the Butterfly Candle Place Card Holder Favors are elegantly charming.  They are great for spring or garden weddings and they will hold a picture when your guests take them home.  Not only will they double as a place card holder and wedding favor, but they double as a lovely candle and picture holder for your guests when they take these wedding favors home.

Kissing Bell Place Card Holders

Place card holders are a great value because they usually come in bulk price.  They can cost as little as $0.50 per favor and do double duty at your wedding.  Kissing Bell Place Card Holder Favors are a very sweet idea for your wedding décor as well as wedding favors.  Guests at a wedding reception have been known to clink their glasses to urge the bride and groom to kiss. Bells are becoming a welcoming alternative and replacement for the glassware. Instead of clinking wine glasses, your guests can ring their own wedding bells to inspire the newlyweds to kiss. The little bells sound better and are lovely mementos for your guests to take home.

Wedding favors are sometimes the last thing on a couple’s mind when it comes to managing the wedding budget, but couples also want to show their guests that they value their presence.  There are many ideas to make wedding favors inexpensive but special at the same time.

Why Are Wedding Favors Important and How To Fit Them Into Your Budget

The great indecision of whether or not to give out wedding favors is common among brides or couples.  You technically are not required to give out wedding favors; however most often wedding guests expect to receive wedding favors.  There is no right or wrong answer to this question.  Even if you are not obligated to give out wedding favors there is a possibility that some guests may be offended not to receive wedding favors.  Let’s examine the question as to whether or not you have to give out wedding favors and if you choose to give out wedding favors, what are some tips on giving out wedding favors on the most tight wedding budget.

Why do guests expect wedding favors when they attend a wedding even though the bride and groom are not obligated to give out wedding favors?  Giving out wedding favors is such a common practice, that the majority of weddings people attend have wedding favors presented to the guests.  Thus, it has become an automatic expectation that there will be wedding favors at a wedding.  Another reason why guests expect to receive wedding favors is that it is a form of saying thank you by the bride and groom.  Even though the couple will send out Thank You notes after the wedding, guests expect some to leave the wedding with some form of gratitude on behalf of the bride and groom, which is usually a wedding favor.

Most couples want to give out wedding favors. After all, the more the merrier! However, couples often stray away from giving wedding favors because they are on a tight budget and cannot afford to fit it in to the wedding with all the other financial responsibilities that they have.  Although wedding favors are small items and are usually inexpensive, when multiplied by the number of guests attending it can become a large part of the wedding budget.  It is recommended that the cost of wedding favors should be included into the wedding budget at the start of the wedding planning.  Wedding favors should take up no more than 10% of the wedding budget.  Budgeting wedding favors into your wedding plan will ensure that a token of your gratitude is give to each of your guests at your wedding rather than struggling with the issue of wedding favors at very end of wedding planning.  This will also help avoid last minute wedding hysteria with purchasing wedding favors and preparing them for presentation at the wedding. 

It is important to remember that wedding favors do not have to be expensive and can be fit into your budget.  With the current trend in wedding favors, there is also an abundance of availability at various price ranges.  It is possible to purchase wedding favors that cost anywhere from $0.15 to $5 or more.  It is all up to you as to how much you want to spend and how much you have assigned to the category of wedding favors in your wedding budget.  There are some simple ways to make wedding favors affordable.  One way is to go with DIY wedding favors.  Make the wedding favors yourself with the help of friends and family and save.  For example baking cookies is much less expensive than purchasing cookies already wrapped up for wedding favor presentation.  Create your own personalize tags and present one or two cookies to each of your guests.  It is also affordable to give wedding favors of a single flower to each of your guests.  Select a less expensive flower that is available year round, such as daisies.  You can discuss your options with the florist that is already doing your centerpieces and wedding flowers.  Your florist is likely to negotiate a discount with you because you are already hiring them as your wedding florist.  Also search the internet for sales on wedding favors.  There are wedding favor vendors what offer clearance items at great prices. 

Even though you are on a strict budget, it does not mean you have to skip the wedding favors.  Avoid the dilemma of offending guests and disappointing expectations by planning your wedding budget out to include a wedding favor that will be affordable for you.  When you plan a wedding favor that is unique to your wedding budget you may even find that your wedding favors are unique to you. 


Chic Wedding Favor Ideas

The art of giving wedding favors is a tradition that dates back to the 16th century when five almonds were given to symbolize the five hopes of the new couple: wealth, health, longevity, happiness and fertility,  In current times, modern bride’s look for unique wedding favors that reflect their wedding style.  There is an abundance of wedding favors to select from and make sure that guests don’t go home empty handed.  Select from do-it-yourself wedding favors, eco-friendly wedding favors, photo booth favors, edible wedding favors and many more. 

If perplexed by the many availabilities in wedding favors, consider edible wedding favors.  Personalized chocolates or wedding cookies are always a good option, since guests love sweet treats.  If making wedding favors symbolic is a priority, green wedding favors are a good gesture.  There is a large market of eco-friendly wedding favors to select from, such as beeswax honeycomb favors packaged in mini natural woven drawstring sacs or eco-friendly or plantable flower confetti.  The key to green wedding favors is selecting something that will be useful and will be taken home at the end of the night. 











A trend in chic wedding favors is DIY wedding favors.  Showing your guests that you put in the time and effort to create the wedding favors yourself is a thoughtful gesture of appreciation.  All your guest will love it and remember you for it.  Most popular DIY wedding favors are edible, such as personalized jars of jam or honey and wedding favor boxes packaged with homemade cookies and sweets.  Making your own wedding favors can be a fun experience and an opportunity to get family and friends involved in a fun pre-wedding activity.

With so many options in wedding favors and tutorials to put your own fresh spin on wedding favor ideas, you can’t go wrong in selecting a unique and chic wedding favor.