Bridal Shower Menu

One way to make a bridal shower successful is to have a decadent menu.  A lavish spread of food will be pleasing to the eye and impressive to the guests.  As guests take time to savor the menu, the bridal shower will be a devoured soirée. 



Incorporating the theme of the bridal shower into the menu is an easy way to spice up the menu.  For example if it is a beach themed bridal shower, have a few tropical drinks and fun finger foods.  Make the specials on the menu as special as the bride and groom with few items that honor them.  If the couple is from New York City or met in the Big Apple, serve up some Manhattan cocktails and “Big” Apple Martinis.  It’s easy to personalize deserts with monogrammed truffles and personalized fortune cookies.

Using the season as part of the theme also leaves a lot to the imagination for your bridal shower menu.  For springtime bridal showers or a Garden bridal shower theme use fresh tasty herbs and colorful light dishes.  A nice quiche or a garden Caesar pasta salad is good choices.  For a Fall bridal shower, go hearty with the bridal shower menu.  A chicken pot pie, apple cider, and candied apples are nice contributions to a fall bridal shower menu.  Bridal shower favors that keep with the theme and emphasis on the food would be very complimentary, such as gourmet cupcake mix favors or personalized lemonade mix bridal shower favors.

To fill in your bridal shower buffet spread, don’t forget the cheese.  Cheese is a favorite of many.  You may even consider a cheese centered bridal shower theme or just a cheese focused cocktail hour.  Select top quality cheeses from your local grocery store and your grocer can recommend which kinds to include.  Offer tastings paired with wine to make it a little more creative.  Bridal shower favors like cheese spreaders would be cute to coordinate with a cheese focused bridal shower. 

You don’t need a fancy caterer to make a bridal shower stand out with an impressive offering of foods.  You can make it all yourself with miniature sandwiches, pigs in a blanket, pastas, etc.  Planning ahead will help you make the bridal shower successful.  You can also get a little help from other guests or bride’s maids.  Ask a few people to pitch in and prepare a few dishes.  Another way to ensure a variety of dishes at the bridal shower is to make it a potluck.  Send out bridal shower invitations with the potluck theme and include RSVP cards which asks guest to include a dish of choice that they will bring. Also ask guest to bring a recipe card of the dish they prepare to give to the bride-to-be.  You can collect all the recipes and put them in a pretty recipe box to gift to the bride at the bridal shower.

To stick with the foodies theme include bridal shower trivia games that are themed around various recipes and kitchen secrets.  Maybe even have a cooking demonstration.  Make sure to give out bridal shower favors that are tasty treats and show gratitude to the guests.



Wedding Etiquette on Saying Thank You

All the proper planning for your wedding is hard enough and making sure that you are not missing out on details that may offend someone is important.  Delivering thanks to all your wedding guests can be done in the form of thank you notes or wedding favors.  To err on the side of caution it is a good idea to do both. 

Guest will take home wedding favors at the end of your event reminding them of the special occasion and your ongoing thanks.  Wedding favors are important to incorporate into the ambiance of the wedding and honor your wedding guests for making the effort to attend.  Personalized wedding favors have a right effect for this purpose.

Thank-you notes are more specific and are the last portion of your wedding to show guest appreciation for the gift and to make it more personal.  Thank-you notes are also a good way to incorporate those guests who could not attend but sent gifts.  This way you don’t miss anyone.  It is important to keep thank-you notes personal and mention the gift or what you intend to do with the money gifted to you.  Keep thank-you notes brief and send them out within a month after the wedding or when you return from your honeymoon.  It is wedding etiquette that thank-you notes are written no later than 3 months after the wedding.