5 Easter Party Favor Ideas

Sunday is Easter and we spotted some Easter ideas that make perfect favors to send friends and family home with after the party or brunch that you have planned.

Easter Bunny Marshmallow Box

Photo From Beau-Coup.com

Turn our clear favor boxes into the Easter Bunny with a sharpie, a little construction paper and cotton balls or pom poms.

Easter Bunny Box


If you want to skip the marshmallows, you can do the same with white bon bon favor boxes and fill with whatever your heart desires this Easter.

Easter Bunny Milk Jar Favors


Fill our Kate Aspen Milk Jars with pastel candy and glue on bunny ears that you can make using this template courtesy of Kate Aspen.

Take Out Box Easter Baskets

Photo from Paging Supermom


Looking for some quick fix Easter baskets? Turn our white take out boxes into baskets for the masses with pretty personalized labels that send Easter wishes. The wire handles on the take out boxes make them easy to carry around and collect treats. Afterwards they can even close it up so their Easter hunt finds won’t fall out.  You can turn these boxes into bunnies as well!

Easter Cookie Bags

Photo from “i heart naptime”.


Add on some fun labels to paper cookie bags and send guest home with simple treats.

Hot Wedding Ideas With Shot Glasses

Shot Glasses can be used to make fabulous presentations and wedding favors.  Use shot glasses for small servings at your reception that will impress your guests.

Gold Glam Shot Glass Presentation

Make it a DIY project by adding fold glitter to the bottom of your shot glasses to add some glam to a black time affair.

balckberry lemon creme friache

Individual Cake Shots

Serve a pretty red velvet cake layered with cream cheese frosting in shot glasses for individual servings of cake.

red velvet cake shot favors


Breast Cancer Awareness Month DIY Wedding Favor CD

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so in support we have a DIY Wedding Favor project that gives back to the cause.  Instead of purchasing wedding favors, show your guests that you truly care by putting together a wedding favor yourself and donating what you would have spent on wedding favors to your Breast Cancer Cause.

breast cancer DIY

A CD is very easy to make and it will be a very nice gesture to provide your guests with some of your favorite songs that will be played at the wedding in a CD to take home.  You can download, compile and burn it yourself on to blank CD’s, which are very inexpensive, or ask your DJ to do it for you.

Present your CD to your guests in an earth friendly handmade paper envelope that is easy to make using a simple regular paper size sheet of card stock.  Wrap it with a pink ribbon or a color that coordinates with your wedding colors, and add a personalized label with a message to your guests stating that you have made a donation.

Breast Cancer Awareness

It looks authentic and pretty.  Handmade favors are truly sweet and when it is accompanied with gesture to charity, it makes a even sweeter gift.

Do you want the labels that you see here? Custom Order them with us!


Halloween Treat Ideas That Make Great Party Favors

Halloween is just a week away, so we thought we would do a little feature of cute Halloween themed treats that also make great favors.  These yummy party food can be individually packaged into fun gifts for kids and adults alike.  Give them out to trick or treaters or display them as party favors at your Halloween bash.  No matter what you do with them it’s inevitable that they will be a hit.

Navel Oranges as Pumpkins

For healthy treats give out little oranges decorated as pumpkins.  This is great for a kids party or an adult party.  It will also make parents of your trick or treaters very happy.


Fruit Ghosts and Pumpkins

Another healthy idea with fruits, this one is great for a kid party.  Cut bananas in half and decorate them as ghosts with raisins or mini chocolate chips.  You can also peel the oranges for your little guys and create stems with celery.  They look beautiful as small pumpkins.


Orange Jack-o-lantern Salad Cups

Use your orange peels as mini salad cups for the grown ups or use this idea to get the little guys to eat salad.  We think they are very classy.


Marshmallow Blood Shot Eye Balls

We love these creepy eye balls made with marshmallows, dried cranberries and strawberry syrup.  Sweet yummy flavors in a fun treat.


Nutter Butter Ghost Cookies

We love this idea for ghosts using nutter butter cookies.  It’s a easy semi-homemade treat. Wrap them in individual cello bags or even vellum pouches for Halloween party favor presentation.


10 Steps to a Red White and Blue Berry Mojito

by Shaye

With Memorial Day quickly approaching we thought we would do a red white and blue feature.  Perhaps you received a nice basket of berries for Mother’s Day from Shari’s Berries that you would like to finish up.  We have a cocktail recipe that is so yummy that you’re going to have make a run for more berries because guests are going to keep coming back for more.  Not only great for Memorial Day weekend parties, this refreshing libation will be perfectly pretty to serve during cocktail hour at your wedding reception.  This fun cocktail gracefully carries the red, white, and blue theme — a Red White and Blue Berry Mojito in 10 simple steps.


3 to 4 Fresh strawberries, de-stemmed and cut into small peices

4 to 5 Blueberries

1 Lime, cut into quarters

3 Sprigs of mint

1 Tablespoon granulated sugar

2 oz. Rum

Splash of club soda



1.  Fill a glass with Strawberries

2.  Add Lime

3.  Add 1/2 the Blueberries

3.  Add the Mint Sprigs

4.  Add the Sugar

5.  Muddle

6.   Fill glass with Ice

7.  Add Rum

8.  Add a  splash of Club Soda

9.  Stir

10. Top off with a Fresh Strawberry and the rest of the Blueberries

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Indian Chai Tea Wedding Favor Idea


Traditional Masala Chai perks you up in the mornings, regardless of bleary eyes and loud protestations. Give your wedding guests hand-blended tea with invigorating Indian spices to wake your guests up the morning after your wedding.

Use our darling favor jars or pillow favor boxes to fill with your own blend.   Combine organic assam black tea leaves with Indian chai spices, include: vanilla bean, cardamom, star anise, ginger, cinnamon leaf and nutmeg.

Steep 1-2 tsp. per cup of boiling water in a covered vessel for five minutes to extract just the right amount of flavor from the tea. Add heated milk and sweetener for traditional hot chai, or chill and serve iced for a cooling spiced refreshment.

Your guests will love this chai tea and it makes an elegant wedding favor for any wedding, be it Indian or not.

DIY Wedding Favors That Are Acceptable to Give Per Couple

On a budget?  Pick a favor that can be given out per couple and made at home as a DIY favor.  This will help you cut back from two angles.

This means that they usually cannot be edible favors.  So what can we brainstorm for DIY favors that can be given per couple? 

Our Top 5 Picks Are:

1. Wildflower Seeds – Buy Seeds in Bulk, put in individual velum bags, add personalized tags.

2.  Mason Jars filled with anything from candy, syrup, sauce, etc. Add personalized labels that can double as place card to guide guests to their table.  ( This is an edible favor, but can only be opened at home and is enough for the whole family)

3.  Burlap Bags filled with nuts and embellished with a nut cracker.  Add personalized tag. ( Again, it’s enough for the whole family)

4.  Bath Salts in Organza Bags or Mason Jars – Buy the bath salt in bulk, buy bags or containers, fill and add tag.  With this favor, you have the advantage that even if it is enough bath salt for only one bath, it works! ( Give your couples the hint to take a romantic bath)

5.  Spice packets or jars – You can buy spices in bulk and fill jars or envelopes with the spice to keep it really on a low budget.  Add the tags and you are done. 

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Milk Bottle Favor Ideas

Vintage milk bottles are trending as party favors.  They are being used to simply individual servings of milk at children’s birthday parties or as a fun way to serve up cocktails and much more.  These can be a great DIY project.  Here are some fun things you can do with these bottles.

Serve up candy.

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5 Unique Wedding Favor Box Fillers

Many bride’s would love to take on a Do It Yourself project with the pretty wedding favor boxes we have to offer as well as personalized favor tags and embellishments.  However, they often come across the dilemma of finding a unique wedding favor item to fill the lovely favor item.  Here are 5 unique ideas to fill wedding favor boxes.

1.  French Macaroons are simply delectable and even one will fill a small two piece wedding favor box perfectly.

Consider filling our clear favor boxes with one or multiple colorful macaroons.

2.  Chocolate Candy Flowers – These pretty flowers can be made at home with colored candy and rose molds.  It’s very easy to do and fills up white tuck top favor boxes beautifully.

3.  Jordan Almonds are a traditional choice, which can be color coordinated with the wedding colors.  They also fill up the pillow favor boxes quite nicely.

4.  Jellybeans are a fun wedding favor idea and can be color coordinated easily as well.

5.  Mexican wedding cookies and shortbread cookies make beautiful presentations.

Miniature Wedding Cakes with Oreos

If yesterdays DIY post for Chocolate Covered Oreos Mini Wedding Cake is enticing to you, but you just don’t want to take on a project that requires you to purchase molds and spend time on intricate decorations, then we have a simpler follow up for you.

This is an easy way to create a one layer cake that is just as beautiful, but less time consuming.  However, this one has to be served the same day and can’t be kept over several days.  So, you need to assign this project to someone for your wedding day.

Layer two Oreo cookies on a plate with a little bit of icing between them to hold them together. Then ice the top cookie smoothly and then pipe icing all around your cookie cake.  Sprinkle with some cake decorations and you are done.

They key to this is to have some pretty mini plates or cake stands for your cookie cakes.