Chinese New Year Celebration Idea

Chinese New Year 2016 is one week away and will be on February 8th.  It’s essentially a celebration of the coming of spring and Chinese people celebrate a year of hard work, have a good rest, and relax with family. Chinese people believe that a good start to the year will lead to a lucky year.

How To Celebrate The Chinese New Year

Most people celebrate by having dinner with family, giving red envelopes, firecrackers, new clothes, and decorations.  Modern gifts and creative ideas are becoming more and more a part of the Chinese New Year celebrations.  We have modern twist on traditional Chinese items for a cute gift token for friends or a party favor for your Chinese New Year party.

We spotted our frosted takeout boxes with gourmet fortune cookies spruced up into this adorable Chinese Takeout Box Favor Idea at Love Food Life Alchemy.

fortune cookie takeout

Breast Cancer Awareness Month DIY Wedding Favor CD

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so in support we have a DIY Wedding Favor project that gives back to the cause.  Instead of purchasing wedding favors, show your guests that you truly care by putting together a wedding favor yourself and donating what you would have spent on wedding favors to your Breast Cancer Cause.

breast cancer DIY

A CD is very easy to make and it will be a very nice gesture to provide your guests with some of your favorite songs that will be played at the wedding in a CD to take home.  You can download, compile and burn it yourself on to blank CD’s, which are very inexpensive, or ask your DJ to do it for you.

Present your CD to your guests in an earth friendly handmade paper envelope that is easy to make using a simple regular paper size sheet of card stock.  Wrap it with a pink ribbon or a color that coordinates with your wedding colors, and add a personalized label with a message to your guests stating that you have made a donation.

Breast Cancer Awareness

It looks authentic and pretty.  Handmade favors are truly sweet and when it is accompanied with gesture to charity, it makes a even sweeter gift.

Do you want the labels that you see here? Custom Order them with us!


Planning a Bridal Shower Menu

Bridal Showers are the preview to a wedding celebration and one of the most important events for a bride and her girl friends.  It’s often the last time they will be together prior to one of them becoming a wife.  So, it is important to everyone to make this event meaningful and memorable.  One way to make a bridal shower successful is to have a decadent menu.  A lavish spread of food will be pleasing to the eye and impressive to the guests.  As guests take time to savor the menu, the bridal shower will be a devoured soirée.

Incorporating the theme of the bridal shower into the menu is an easy way to spice up the menu.  For example if it is a beach themed bridal shower, have a few tropical drinks and fun finger foods.  Make the specials on the menu as special as the bride and groom with a few items that honor them.  If the couple is from New York City or met in the Big Apple, serve up some Manhattan cocktails and “Big” Apple Martinis.  It’s also easy to personalize deserts with monogrammed truffles and personalized fortune cookies.

Using the season as part of the theme also leaves a lot to the imagination for your bridal shower menu.  For springtime bridal showers or a garden bridal shower theme use fresh tasty herbs and colorful light dishes.  A nice quiche or a garden Caesar pasta salad are good choices.  For a Fall bridal shower, go hearty with the bridal shower menu.  A chicken pot pie, apple cider, and candied apples are nice contributions to a fall bridal shower menu.  This dishes on the menu exudes warmth for a fall wedding.  Bridal shower favors that keep with the theme and emphasis on the food would be very complimentary, such as gourmet cupcake mix favors or personalized lemonade mix bridal shower favors.  Burlap pouches filled with caramels for a fall event or coffee beans for a winter event would be fabulous as bridal shower favors.


To fill in your bridal shower buffet spread, don’t forget the cheese.  Cheese is a favorite of many.  You may even consider a cheese centered bridal shower theme or just a cheese focused cocktail hour.  Select top quality cheeses from your local grocery store and your grocer can recommend which kinds to include.  Offer tastings paired with wine to make it a little more creative.  Bridal shower favors like cheese spreaders would be cute to coordinate with a cheese focused bridal shower. 

You don’t need a fancy caterer to make a bridal shower stand out with an impressive offering of foods.  You can make it all yourself with miniature sandwiches, variety of salads, pastas, petite fours, etc.  Planning ahead will help you make the bridal shower successful.  You can also get a little help from other guests or other bride’s maids.  Ask a few people to pitch in and prepare a few dishes.  Another way to ensure a variety of dishes at the bridal shower is to make it a potluck.  Send out bridal shower invitations with the potluck theme and include RSVP cards which asks guest to include a dish of choice that they will bring. Also ask guest to bring a recipe card of the dish they prepare to give to the bride-to-be.  You can collect all the recipes and put them in a pretty recipe box to gift to the bride at the bridal shower.  This way you get a theme to your bridal shower and a easy way to create your menu.  All you have to do is have the table set when the guests arrive with their dish.  How much easier can it be!

To stick with the foodies theme include bridal shower trivia games that are themed around various recipes and kitchen secrets.  Maybe even have a cooking demonstration.  Make sure to give out bridal shower favors that are tasty treats and show gratitude to the guests.


Spring Wedding Flower Ideas from Bangladeshi Brides

In Bangladeshi culture, much like other South Asian cultures, the wedding takes place over several days of celebrations.  One pre-wedding day celebration is called “gaye holud” or often referred to as the “mehndi”.  It is an event at which the bride is adorned with flowers.  Beautiful intricate floral jewelry is a big part of the bridal attire.  The flowers tend to very fragrant, such as Jasmine and Roses.  Marigolds are popular because brides traditionally wore the color yellow for this event.  However, modern brides choose to wear other fashionable colors and coordinate the flowers, so orchids may be a popular color this year as these flowers compliment Pantone color of the year.  Such adornments of flowers gives spring inspiration that western brides may be able to pick up.

Heart Themed Bridal Shower

This week is all about Valentine’s, so we are focusing on hearts today.  Here are some fun ideas for a heart themed bridal shower.

Paper heart garlands.

A creative bridal shower activity that involves hearts.

A lovely idea for the bride instead of a guest book.

Décor for a heart themed bridal shower.  Hearts can be made of gold too!

You have to add some pink and red to a heart themed bridal shower!

Unique Ways to Ask Your Bridesmaids

In the current world of weddings and celebrations, everything is a ceremony and creativity must be added to all aspects of the wedding and planning.  Your bridesmaids will be putting a lot of time and energy into helping you make your special day perfect, so why not make them feel special as well, especially when asking them “Will you be my Bridesmaid?”   Here are some unique ways to ask the question:

Send them a special bottle of wine with a personalized label that pops the question.

Take them to a special tea and ask them all together with little tea party favors.

Send them some sweet treats, like a box of cupcakes with a note that asks the question.

Invite them to dinner and present them with a nice gift when you make the request.

Send them a bridesmaid survival kit.

Favors to Pamper Your Nails

This cute idea for favors is more versatile than you may imagine.  It is a great idea for bridal showers and spa parties, however the girls at a sweet sixteen birthday party would love them as well.  Don’t leave out the adults because all ladies would love to remember their girl friend’s birthday party with a special color of nail polish.

Here are some unique ways of presenting these colorful little favors.

Use them as place card holders to guide your guests to their table.  It’s a great idea for a women’s conference or a special ladies birthday party.

Nail polish makes great favors for a baby shower as well.  Reveal the baby’s gender with boy or girl color nail polish as a favor.

Pink nail polish for all the girls at your little princess’ sweet sixteen party!

Fashionably say thank you to guests at a bridal shower.

They even make great holiday favors with cute little favor tags that read “For Your Mistle Toes”.


Make an entire kit with nail polish for gifts.

Simply say thank you with a small gift.


How about a manicures and mimosas party!


Hot Pink Glamorous Bridal Shower

Weddings during the holidays is becoming quite trendy.  It’s easier for friends and family to take time off and most people want to get together, so why not just have a big bash while everyone is in town.  So, when having a wedding during the holidays, the bridal shower will be fun and glamorous.  You can bet on lots of champagne and a lot of partying.  Here is a an idea for a hot pink glamorous bridal shower party.  Keeping all the glamour of champagne and glitz that comes during the holiday, but make it a little more light and fun by steering away from the traditional holiday colors.

Cute as a Bug Lady Bug Favors

These Lady Bug Favors are cute as a bug and loved by everyone no matter what the celebration.  Give out the “Love Bug” magnets as party favors at a garden party, spring engagement or as bridal shower favors.  Even a baby shower with a lady bug theme will be suited for these favors.  The “Cute as a Bug” Lady Bug favors may fit right in for a first birthday party favor or to welcome a new child at a baby shower.  Our Lady Bug place card holders are a wonderful addition to garden weddings or a backyard barbeque party.