Hot Wedding Ideas With Shot Glasses

Shot Glasses can be used to make fabulous presentations and wedding favors.  Use shot glasses for small servings at your reception that will impress your guests.

Gold Glam Shot Glass Presentation

Make it a DIY project by adding fold glitter to the bottom of your shot glasses to add some glam to a black time affair.

balckberry lemon creme friache

Individual Cake Shots

Serve a pretty red velvet cake layered with cream cheese frosting in shot glasses for individual servings of cake.

red velvet cake shot favors


Spring 2014 Wedding Cake Trends

by Kimberley Turner from Bliss Bespoke

Wedding season is in full swing with the arrival of Spring and with that we see bakeries creating sweet confections and elaborate wedding cakes.  This spring we can see a similar trend in wedding cakes as that which brides are selecting for their wedding gowns and decor. 

Metallics are very popular for 2014 weddings and we will see some shine on the wedding cakes as well.  With this trend comes the statement cake, which is a very unique idea and a lot of bling for the wedding cake.  One over the top wedding cake that has set the standard for statement cakes since the beginning of the year is the upside down chandelier wedding cake hung from an actual chandelier for celebrity, Kaley Cuoco’s New Year’s Eve wedding.

Vibrant colors and Pantone color of the year, radiant orchid, will be a popular choice for icing and fondant.  Like the beautiful softly colored wedding gowns, ombre wedding cakes are also popular this year.  Also, like the designer wedding gowns of 2014 with ruffles and frills,  we will see cake decorators taking on the challenge of depicting this style on cakes. 

In the spirit of the season simple white or ivory wedding cakes will be draped with flowers.  Floral wedding cakes will appear with cascading flowers or cherry blossoms.  One unique, trend in floral wedding cake designs is hand painted flowers.  Splurge a little and bring opulence to simple cakes with a hand painted wedding cake adorned with flowers. 

The most requested flavor for wedding cakes thus far has been red velvet.  How can anyone resist the rich velvety texture with cream cheese icing, not to mention the beautiful rich color that is created with a tiny bit of cocoa, buttermilk and red food coloring.  A few other popular choices for the wedding layers are traditional flavors such as, Vanilla Bean, Lemmon, and Chocolate.