May Day Baskets Made with Blue Berry Baskets

We love these May Day Baskets that were made with the Natural Blue Berry Baskets that we carry for wedding favors.  These are quite inspirational for flower girl baskets or gifts.  Check out the following sites for instructions on how to make these pretty baskets with our Natural Blue Berry Baskets.

May Day Basket of Pansies from Love Food Life Alchemy

may day baskets

May Day Flowers

Berry Basket May Day Bouquet from A Petty Cool Life


Spring Berry Basket ideas with Little Blue House and Fancy Pants Designs

wrap star spring berry baske t3

wrap star spring berry basket 2

Breast Cancer Awareness Month DIY Wedding Favor CD

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so in support we have a DIY Wedding Favor project that gives back to the cause.  Instead of purchasing wedding favors, show your guests that you truly care by putting together a wedding favor yourself and donating what you would have spent on wedding favors to your Breast Cancer Cause.

breast cancer DIY

A CD is very easy to make and it will be a very nice gesture to provide your guests with some of your favorite songs that will be played at the wedding in a CD to take home.  You can download, compile and burn it yourself on to blank CD’s, which are very inexpensive, or ask your DJ to do it for you.

Present your CD to your guests in an earth friendly handmade paper envelope that is easy to make using a simple regular paper size sheet of card stock.  Wrap it with a pink ribbon or a color that coordinates with your wedding colors, and add a personalized label with a message to your guests stating that you have made a donation.

Breast Cancer Awareness

It looks authentic and pretty.  Handmade favors are truly sweet and when it is accompanied with gesture to charity, it makes a even sweeter gift.

Do you want the labels that you see here? Custom Order them with us!


Bridal Party Tee Shirts

Tee shirts are the newest craze for the bridal party.  Couples get fun tee shirts to distinguish themselves from the crowd for their bachelor parties and bridal showers as well as other special events prior to their big day.  We have some unique tee shirts that may inspire you aside from the basic bride’s maid tee.

Baseball Team Bride Tee


The Baseball Team Bride Tee Shirt is perfect for sports enthusiasts and the bride who loves a good baseball game.  A lot of times prior to the big day couples will have baseball games so that all their friends can get to know each other, and these tees are great for the bride’s team.  Whether you are planning a girls night out or a day at the ball game, these Baseball Team Bride Tee Shirts will set you apart.

Marvelous Matron of Honor

marvelous matron

We tend to overlook that many brides have best friends who are already married that they would like to honor.  The Matron of Honor is what we married Maid of Honors are called.  Matron of Honor Tee Shirts are hard to find, and these cool designs are going to snatched up.  This particular design is simple and tasteful.  It is exclusively designed in the United States and only limited quantities are available.  You can bet that you are not purchasing a mass produced design that you will see at the next wedding with this Marvelous Matron of Honor Tee Shirt.

Matron of Honor Tee

matron of honor

For a more bold and flirty Matron of Honor, get her a tee shirt that really makes a statement.  She can get out there and have a lot of fun with this tee shirt on at the bachelorette party.



We may have covered the bridal party, how about something fun for the bride or a message that the rest of her bride’s maids can wear.  The KEEP CALM AND THE BRIDE IS ALWAYS RIGHT Tee Shirt  is fabulous for just about anybody helping with the wedding planning.  The design is available in two different styles.  For warmer days you can choose the Bella Women’s Flowy Tank, which is available in five bold colors.  The classic women’s fitted tee is also available for this design in seven different colors.

3 Unique Wedding Favor Ideas from Alaska

If your are having a wedding in Alaska or have a sentimental affiliation with the great state, you may be wondering how to incorporate it into your wedding plans.  We have three very simple ideas that make a big impact on the state of Alaska.

1. Wedding Favor Cookies in the image of the state flower Forget Me Nots.  How sweet would these cookies be to subtly remember Alaska at your wedding?

2.  Alaska is famous for fresh salmon, so why not send friends home with a little taste of it.  A Beautifully jarred Sockey Salmon labeled your names and wedding date would be fabulous.





3. As Alaska is a fisherman’s state, Spice Rub for fish would be a nice gesture if you are having your wedding in Alaska.  Just add a pretty favor tag and you will be set to give.


Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Wed In Bel Air

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux had a secret wedding at their Bel Air mansion on Wednesday, August 5th 2015. It was a surprise for their celebrity friends as they were told that it was just a birthday party for Justin, whose birthday is on Monday. However, a very wedding like cake topper was spotted on Wednesday afternoon that may have given the secret away. The cake topper was muppet caricatures of the couple. Then an actual man of the cloth with a bible in hand walked into the house.

The couple’s playful wedding cake was made by Duff Goldman of Charm City Cakes.  The cake was vanilla and strawberry.

It was an intimate affair in the backyard of their mansion with 75 guests which included friends like Howard Stern, Chelsea Handler, Sia, Lisa Kudrow, Jason Bateman, Sandra Bullock and John Krasinski as well as his famous wife Emily Blunt. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, Will Arnett, Tobey Maguire and Jennifer Meyer, Lake Bell and Scott Campbell, and Jimmy Kimmel, among others all drove up in black cars for the celebration. Courtney Cox, who was maid of honor, was the last to leave the happy affair at the end of the night. Theroux’s buddy Scott Campbell served as best man at the nuptials.


The subtle affair was a romantic scene in accordance with the couple’s chic and understated style. A wooden deck ran across the lawn and comfy spots for lounging were arranged with ottomans and sofas. Alongside it all were tables of various shapes and sizes, and ottomans for seating. Candles lit on the tables cast a romantic glow as lush greenery surrounded the entire scene at night fall. After the couple exchanged rings designed by Jennifer Meyer, Sia performed “Chandelier” and the celebration lasted till 3 a.m.


The couple left for their honeymoon in Bora Bora in a private jet, however the party is not over yet. They opted for a group honeymoon by bringing along famous friends like Courtenay Cox, Jason Bateman, and Chelsea Handler.

5 Exotic Peackock and Elephants Wedding Favors

We are proud to feature some new wedding favors that are ideal for those of you searching from something on the more colorful side.  These favors are perfect for Indian weddings, Moroccan themed parties and exotic bridal showers.  We have something for every body here.


Indian Jewel Henna Votives

These beautiful jewel toned votives are great for any henna party and will be prized bridal shower favors that will enhance the elements from the East at your next special event.

Lucky Elephant Golden Tealight Holder

The majestic elephant is one of India’s most revered animals and will please guests at your Indian wedding.

Jeweled Peacock Craft Favor Box


The marvelous Peacock is India’s national bird and it’s beauty can only enhance a special occasion.  The uniquely jewel embellished favor boxes with the essence of peacock feather can only add glamour and beauty to a reception table.

Lucky Golden Elephant Frame


These frames depicting the ever so revered elephant will be perfect for guests to return home and frame their favorite moment from your special occasion.

Feathers Foil Favor Box


More peacocks in an ornate fashion with gold foil on top of a teal box.  The box is embellished with a gold rope pull for your guests to open and find a surprise in this gorgeous box.


Keep Calm and Plan On

Facing obstacles in the planning process of you wedding. Does it seem like every time a major decision needs to be made, the two of you end up in a big fight? If it has gotten to the point where you are on the brink of breaking off your engagement and you are just baffled about how to go about resolving your relationship problems, then it may be time for some wedding planning couples therapy.

Five Unique Invitation Ideas

We all want to make our special event as unique as possible, however now the trend is on to invitations and kicking of the vibe to the event right off from the start with invitations that keep the guests in anticipation.  One big trend has been video invitations for weddings.  Sending video invites are popular and can be done via the internet as well, which saves on postage. However, for those who have a crafty side to them, it’s a lot of fun to put together gift invitations.

Favor Invitations

We once did an Asian themed bridal shower where we sent invitations that were rolled inside Asian silk print lipstick cases. It was very feminine and exuded the Asian theme all in one. The lipstick case was mailed in a clear box for a presentation with a punch. Guest were using the lipstick case weeks before the event and were reminded of it daily if they carried it in their purse. The idea is to include a gift or party favor along with the invitations and make sure it goes with the theme.  For a beach party you might do a message in a bottle (We recommend using a plastic bottle if you are mailing it via USPS).


Care Package Invitations

We love the idea of care package invitations, where you put together items that draw from the elements of your party along with the invitation. For example a cocktail party invitation care package may include a martini glass, cocktail shaker and the invitation. If you are good in the kitchen you could include a bottle of homemade simple syrup or infused sugar for the martini glass rim. The cherry on top for this care package would be to have a cocktail recipe on the back of your invitation.

Balloon Invitations

Another idea that works for just about any kind of party is a balloon invitation, where you actually have to inflate the balloon to read the invite details. It’s very easy to get balloons custom printed.  You could deliver a helium balloon that pops out of the box with the invitation, but that requires a little more effort to put together.

These photos and projects instructions are from Style Me Pretty.

We love the idea for baby shower invitations with an “About To POP” theme.

If you decide to send a helium balloon in a box, here is a peek at what your guests will see when they open the box.

This makes a whimsical wedding invitation with flair from Blue Eye Brown Eye.

Paper Bag Invites with Treats

Invitations that are great for hand delivery are edible invites. Print your invite on a paper bag and fill the bag with peanuts, popcorn, or whatever may suit your personality and hand deliver it. This is a good idea for individual paper cookie bags that you would normally get with cookies at a bakery. Bakery supply stores sell baked goods bags in bulk that you could purchase and take to the printers. There are plenty of print shops that also offer this option.

Film Roll Invitations

One of our favorites is an invitation in a film roll canister. This is a DIY project that requires a little time, but the results are very cute and guests will read the invite rather than film.  Learn how to make these neat film strip invitations at


Pemarital Counseling

Premarital counseling is a form of guidance that couples seek before marriage. It is actually a type of therapy that helps couples prepare for marriage and it is not necessarily used to resolve problems between couples, but rather to make the upcoming marriage strong. Although, couples often go to therapists for premarital counseling when they start to face problems in their relationship before getting married, this type of counseling is more of couples counseling or couples therapy.


Most commonly, couples go to a Marriage and Family Therapist for premarital counseling and the therapist will help identify differences that could become bigger problems later in marriage. Premarital counseling helps partners improve their ability to communicate, set realistic expectations for marriage and develop conflict-resolution skills. By discussing differences and expectations before marriage, couples can better understand and support each other during marriage. In addition, your counselor might ask you and your partner questions to find out your unique visions for your marriage and clarify what you can do to make positive changes in your relationship.

Even though some guidance prior your wedding may be important to you, you may feel that it is difficult to make it a priority with the wedding planning and its cost. However, keep in mind that therapists are willing to work around your schedule and even hold online sessions by Skype. And the cost doesn’t have to be so high. Therapy session fees depend on where you live. For example a Marriage and Family Therapist in Orange County, CA can charge as little as $35 per session, where as a therapist in New York City may charge something like $150 per session. Couples have to think of it as an investment into their marriage and the rest of their lives, which should be well worth any amount. Preparing for marriage involves more than throwing a party. Take the time to build a solid foundation for your relationship.